Everyday Grace Review: Kylie Lip Kit

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Let's talk about Kylie Jenner. I honestly never thought this day would come. A day where I would voluntarily blog about anything related to the Kardashians. But it's happened before. And, guess what, unfortunately it's happening again.

I can't fight what the public loves.

I begrudgingly started following Kylie Jenner on Snapchat about 3 months ago because I really wanted to buy one of her lip kits. For those of you who don't know, her lip kits sell out in record time. So, on her Snapchat, she alerts her followers when she will be releasing more. So as you can see, I was practically forced into following her,

Let's talk lips. Kylie has some nice big lips. Sure, they might be injected, but that doesn't really matter. If you got it flaunt it and hey, I'll buy anything so I can talk about it here. And, I LOVE the packaging. So, I'm sold.

I had tried Kylie's Lip Kit before I bought it so I semi-knew what I was getting into. When I was at Coti's Bachelorette party, I tried her matte lip kit and loved it.

Kylie was flaunting a new shipment of lip kits the other day and off I went to Kylie Cosmetics. I bought the matte liquid lipstick and liner in Koko K and I bought the lip-gloss So Cute.

 Three is a bit obsessive, I agree. 

Then, the best thing EVER happened and I won a Kylie Lip Kit giveaway through Royalty in Reality. I won the matte liquid lipstick and liner in Candy K. I am living the dream people, 3 lip kits. PS. Go check out Roxy's blog. It's so cute and she is just the sweetest.

Let's talk about them. Starting with the matte liquid lipstick and liner. For those of you who know me, I am not a huge lipstick wearer. I prefer chapstick, my but mother is always telling me I need more color on my lips. I like the liner/lipstick combo because it actually gives me lips. I like the way the matte looks because it's not overly glossy. It has a teeny sticky feeling, but it lasts for a long time (like through my whole tumbler of coffee and some) and the sticky feeling goes away.

Koko K is a perfect pink. I love it. I wear it every day and get compliments, swear! It's dainty and pretty without being too much. Sometimes I feel like a strong lip color, especially on a blonde can be a lot, and this color is just perfect.

Candy K is a perfect mauve. It's a deeper color than I usually wear. I wore it the other day when I went to court and I felt like a badass. It would be perfect for a night out.

So Cute lip gloss. This is just a great light pink lip gloss. It's easier to use than the liner and lipstick and it just kind of your basic gloss. It's not sticky, it's nice and shiny and honestly I love it, if not just for the name. I don't know if, for the price, it's worth it, but it's a great color and I use it almost every day.

Have you tried a lip kit before? What are you thoughts?

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Recipe: Honey Sriracha Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Growing up, pork tenderloin was also the meal my mom made for special occasions. It's my dad's favorite meal, the one we always make for birthdays, fathers day, any holiday. It was the first "real" meal I learned how to make and it was one of the first meals I made for Adam.

It's no secret that I love spicy food. Spicy buffalo chicken wraps. Spicy chicken tortilla soup. Spicy coconut chicken. Horseradish Salmon. Carne Asada Tacos. Spicy kale chips.

I also really love easy recipes. It was one of those nights and I had gotten home from Pure Barre late and had no idea what to make. I had a pork tenderloin in the freezer and all the other ingredients are ones most people have in their pantry.

I had made chicken the last 4 days in a row and I knew Adam would not want chicken, so pork it was. My other favorite pork tenderloin recipe is this honey glazed one, but I wanted a change/needed one. Luckily, after a few modifications, I had crafted the best spicy pork tenderloin.

  • 1½-2 pounds pork tenderloin (two small or one medium-large tenderloin)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

  • Rub
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • ½ teaspoon pepper
  • Glaze
  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons minced garlic
  • 1 tablespoon sriracha sauce 

  • How to Make: 

    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Drizzle an oven-safe pan or skillet (such as a cast-iron skillet) with the olive oil and preheat on the stove over medium-high heat til the oil is hot. 
    2. Whisk together all rub ingredients. Sprinkle the rub mixture all over the tenderloin and use your fingers to massage into the meat.
    3. Place tenderloin in skillet and allow to brown for 3-4 minutes, turning the meat throughout to sear on all sides.
    4. Mix the glaze ingredients together and spread mixture over the tenderloin. Transfer to preheated oven and bake for about 20 minutes until cooked through.
    5. Cut tenderloin into 1-inch thick slices. Use a spoon to drizzle the glaze from the pan all over the tenderloin just before serving.
    So many delicious seasonings. 
    It makes a thick glaze, but don't worry, it melts nicely.
    Look how delicious it looks! 
    Searing is important before you put it in the oven. 

    Once you're done, start devouring. The best part, it makes your house smell amazing! Happy Wednesday everyone! Cheers to hump day and to delicious dinners! 

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    The Bachelorette; Episode 6 - That time I met the Bachelor*

    Tuesday, June 28, 2016

    Here's where the asterisk comes in -- I have to preface this post with a little story. Saturday night Adam and I saw Jason Aldean in concert. When we were waiting for him to come on, Adam says to me, "Isn't that Chase from the Bachelorette - the one from our neighborhood?"

    And, my friends, my husband was right! There was *Chase, my top 3 front-runner taking pictures. Since last week I chickened out when I saw Lauren, I was not going to let this time slip. Grabbed my self phone and ran to get a selfie.

    He took the first selfie, which was bad -- see above. Then I told him I think he wins and I showed him how to take a better selfie -- see below. Oh, then when I was waiting for a beer, we took a snapchat video and he bought me a beer.

    Guys, he is so nice and as cute as you think he is in person. When I told him I think he wins, I couldn't tell what he thought because he had reflective aviators on. Think Chris Harrison makes him wear those? Let's do this Chase, I still think you win.

    "I'm looking for my unicorn." -JoJo

    On to the episode. Have any of you been to Buenos Aires? I have always wanted to go -- this episode just confirms my desire to go, it looks beautiful!

    Sidenote: I think the Bachelor gods heard me when I said last week was boring. This week, the Bachelorette is way better.

    Why are the boys so shocked that Wells hasn't kissed JoJo? He has been less than relevant this entire season and if we'e being honest, I'm shocked he got a one-on-one. I always thought wandering the streets of a city you're in would be sooo dang fun, but Wells is proving this is anything but fun, but instead incredibly boring. DID ANYONE SEE THAT AWKWARD CHEEK KISS? I cannot. Wells, next. Bye Wells. (Cue the dramatic producer grabbing his suitcase exit).

    On to the group date. This guy needs to grow a little confidence (referring to James T).

    Here's my theory on James Taylor. I think James Taylor is the littlest bun there ever was. But here is my thing with James Taylor. I think this is JoJo's personality on and off the show. Sure, it's a little overdone because she's the lead, but I think she's outgoing and fun, obviously beautiful. And James, if he wants to be with her long term, needs to figure his confidence out. Being shy is cute for a while, but JoJo is going to be famous after this nod she needs someone who is confident to handle that and her.

    Okay --- rant over. She loves Luke. Cue the heavy breathing. Oh Derek, your confidence is unwarranted.

    Hey James, when will you learn that talking shit about the other contestants will not bode well for your chances with the lead. I feel bad for Jordan. I cannot tell if he is a good guy, but I feel sad for him that he is constantly questioned and picked on. That has to be exhausting just because he's pretty and has a famous sibling. Stop, Jordan almost crying.

    Derek, I honestly feel like everything about you is fake. I feel like you know exactly what to say and how to act and it's all a show. I hope you go home. "I'm falling for you." "I appreciate that." Let's compare that to when Luke said something similar and she sad "I love seeing you." Ew Derek.

    "That reason is to be with you, that reason is to leave with you." Chase killing the game. PS look at that little bun face.

    See ya John Krazinsk. These guys are so sensitive, Derek why are you crying? 


    Alright next week, let's do this. I'm cited because that means she just has to cut extra people. Who do you think is going home?

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    44 Years Together & all the things I learned from my parents.

    Friday, June 24, 2016

    Today my parents have been married for 44 years. Let that sink in for a minute. In a world where we celebrate 72 day marriages, "making" it to 44 is quite amazing. I don't take for granted for one minute that I am able to live in a world where my parents are married.

    My parents started dating when they were 16 year old little buns, which not to age them, marks 50 years together. To say they've set an impossible standard for a relationship and marriage is an understatement, but together they've proven that life can be done, happily, with a partner.

    When I was 16, I looked at the person I was dating and under the impossible standard of my parents thought I had to get married. Thank the lord that wasn't the case, but I knew I wanted what they had. A love that would span my entire adult life. Someone to walk hand in hand with through all the amazing times and through some pretty bad times.

    My parents have successfully (think what you want) raised three kids, a grand kid, lots of fur babies and have given everything for their marriage and their kids. They've moved to 4 different states, different houses, schools, and here they are.

    I've learned a lot from my parents both individually and together.

    My mom taught me how to be kind and compassionate and to love everyone. My dad taught me to be strong and independent and that I should never stop striving for greatness.

    I'll be forever grateful for those things, but the greatest of those, are the things they taught me without them knowing, just by watching the two of them together.
    • I learned that life is so much better with a partner. 
    • I learned that a marriage isn't just romantic, but it's work. It's strength. It's encouragement. It's laughing. It's traveling. It's growing independently and dependently. 
    • I learned that if you both like Fox News, you'll be set. 
    • I learned that you can still have inside jokes from the past, even if the past if 44 years young. 
    • I learned that married people love to dance. You should see my parents on the dance floor.
    • Traveling and having your vacation spot is important. (See, Lake Tahoe in 3 weeks). 
    • I've learned that if you love like they do, people gravitate toward you. My parents are loved by so many. There is nothing better then your friends telling you how much they love and respect your parents. 
    • Bickering is actually a form of endearment. 
    • I've learned that sometimes when one person is going through a tough time, the other automatically becomes stronger. It's like a beating heart. One side takes the reigns when the other is struggling. 
    • I've learned that raising kids was a part of my parents lives, but not their whole lives. They're still their own, even though they would do anything for us.
    • 1970's weddings were way cooler. 
    • I've learned that putting God first in your marriage is the only way for it to thrive. 

    This one is dedicated to my parents who taught me to find the one I love and never let him go. To keep fighting for love everyday and to work at it every day. Marriage is a day in day out kind of thing, not something you let coast. Thank you for inspiring and supporting Adam and I in our marriage. We're at year one, but cannot wait until we're at year 44.

    I hope you are celebrating with sushi, mom a glass of wine and dad a gin and tonic. We cannot wait to cheers to you in Tahoe in few weeks.

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    Throwback Thursday: My best friend is married.

    Thursday, June 23, 2016

    So, my best friend has been married for 11 days, which means it's absolutely time for throwback Thursday post with everything wedding. A few Fridays ago, we ventured to Charlottesville, Virginia to celebrate #MattandCotisayIdo.

    I shared with you her engagement, her Bachelorette Party (10 Tips), we talked about Bridal Showers (gold balloons are a must), we spent 18 hours together, I told her what I wanted her to know on her wedding day. Well, now it's time to talk wedding.

    Have you ever been to Charlottesville, Virginia? I never had been before either. It's about a hundred miles south of Washington DC, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thomas Jefferson is from there and you can even visit his home at Monticello.  Or, with a short 30 minute drive from Charlottesville is Montpelier, the home of James Madison.

    Charlottesville is also home to University of Virginia, tons of amazing restaurants, wineries, cute hotels and shops. Think I'm trying to sell you on Charlottesville? Well, I am. One trip and I'm in love.

    If you ever go, here is what I suggest doing while you are there. As always, picture evidence is to follow.
    1. Have a best friend get married in Charlottesville. (It helps if the couple is a STUNNER too) 
    2. Have your best friend get married at a vineyard there.  I suggest Pippin Hill, but the cool thing, there are over 30 vineyards in the area. 
    3. Make sure your best friends has other best friends you can become best friends with. 
    4. Dance.
    5. Smooch. (This one is more bride and groom, but you get it!)
    6. Take pictures in sunsets. 
    7. Eat delicious BBQ - you are in the south ya'll. The Whiskey Jar is amazing. 
    8. Walk the mall. 
    9. Make sure there is a rehearsal dinner at an amazing restaurant. I suggest The Local
    10. Use snapchat and boomerang
    11. Drink champagne.
    12. Photo booths are always cool. 
    See, I told you they are stunners. 
    Vineyard weddings are the best weddings.
    Finding your soul sister in your best friends best friend. 
    the perfect first dance by the perfect couple.
    Sunset lighting is the best lighting.
    The Whiskey Jar, do it, you'll love it.
    the mall - it used to be main street. Pretty cool huh.
    The Local and the most stunning couple.
    Champs & best friends.

    To Matt and Coti: Thanks for picking such an incredible place to get married and for inviting all of us to join you. It really was the best time ever, when are we going back? To you two, your love is incredible. I wish you nothing but joy and happiness in the many years to come. You two are a perfect couple and the past ten years created the most wonderful evening. <3

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    The Bachelorette; Episode 5 - All the gossip.

    Tuesday, June 21, 2016

    I have to start this post by saying that last Wednesday when I was at the Freebird stores in Cherry Creek mall that I saw Lauren Bushnell. For those of who you don't know who that is, Lauren is engaged to Ben Higgins (aka the best bachelor in history). She was so tiny and cute and I was so nervous. I just wanted to take a picture with her, but instead I froze and tweeted about it later

    Anyways. Lauren Bushnell, you're a babe and your ring is huge.

    Next, while this episode is heavily focused on Chad coming back to the guys house, whistling, I just read on US Weekly, that Chad is dating Robby's ex-girlfriend and Instagramming pictures of them. Oh, and on the subject of Chad, did you know he bought the domain names of Alex, Jordan and Joelle. He uses their domain (www.alex[lastname].com and routes it to his Instagram. If that doesn't prove he was there for the wrong reasons, I don't know what does.

    Now, that we've caught up on all the Bachelorette related news, lets get to the episode. Wait that's it? I thought he [Chad] was going to kill someone. 

    Let's break down the guys:

    Evan: Am I the only one who is ready to see Evan go home? He is so dull and whiny. Every time he speaks, he breeds drama and it's the worst. That guy needs to go home.

    Chase: You are a little bun. I really want to play with those big inflatable balls. PS go Chase, I love you.  I think the guys are going to start realizing that you are a front runner.

    Alex: We get it. You think that you are hot shit because you "got rid of Chad" but let me be the one to set the record straight. You sent the most controversial, interesting and ridiculous person home and you will not win. Period.

    Luke: Your accent makes everything sound better, even if you are confessing your love to her. She adores you. Keep up the good work, keep staying out of the drama (aka Alex).

    James: Your poem made me feel awkward and I think it made JoJo feel the same way.

    Jordan: I'm really sorry your ex-gf keeps bashing you on Instagram, but I'm a little nervous that she may be on to something. But hey, JoJo loves kissing you so keep it up.

    Let's get rid of some people: James (I told you the poem didn't work) & Daniel (yes, your personality sucks)

    Jordan: This is the part in the season when everyone starts realizing that Jordan is a front-runner. Cue the shit talking. This is when all the guys start freaking out because they realize that JoJo and Jordan would make gorgeous babies. These guys need to cool it, they knew what they signed up for. The first I'm falling in love! We're finally getting to the good part!

    Vinny: I don't think he's going to win, but I think he's a little bun. Hey boys, when are you going to learn that InTouch is the fakest magazine out there. This is crazy. And, I thought you werent' allowed to have "outside paraphernalia." Get it together.

    Now, none of them are worried about JoJo, but hours ago, they were all so concerned. Either way, her ex Chad sounds like kind of a slimeball. Wanna see what he looks like? Here's a pic and the article.

    This sands killing thing looks so cool! But can you imagine how much sand she has in her skinny jeans?

    Luke: Either you are very genuine, or you've seen this show before and know exactly what to say. I'm hoping it's the first.

    ------> what do you think JoJo drinks? If I were the Bachelorette, I would request champs on the reg. It appears that she likes her poison a little stronger..

    John Krazinski (Derek): There is always one who starts to get super paranoid and nervous. He is the one that will tell JoJo every single time he sees her that he's nervous and this is so weird to him.

    Alex: You are boring. See above.

    Robby: I think he's had the best date so far. I would love to be the one who just eats to tour the city that you are in. Him saying I love you already is a little too much. He's a little too much for me. Do we think he's being for real? I just can't tell. Pump the brakes Robbo. This is your first date and that was a huge red flag. Damn, I'm bored.

    Let's kick some more people off: Vinny, Evan and Grant. Oh Vinny, you are very sweet.

    That was a boring episode. Anyone else bored? Let's be done with this week. Until next week peeps.

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    Henry's Fat + a GIVEAWAY for your pup!

    Monday, June 20, 2016

    This weekend, Henry, Adam and I ventured to the vet this weekend, exciting I know. But Henry has the worst breath in the world. He's had his teeth cleaned before, he eats dental cleaning chewers and he's still cute, so I never really thought twice about it.

    After telling us how cute Henry is, as predicted, the vet told us that Henry's teeth are gross and need to be cleaned, okay. However, the vet also told us, which we were not expecting, was that Henry is fat.

    I've always known that Henry was a little pork chop/breakfast sausage, but then the vet repeated himself again, Henry is fat, he needs to lose 1.5 pounds, no more overfeeding and no treats. Keep in mind Henry is a solid 9.5 pounds, so losing 1.5 might not seem like a lot, but it is.

    Having someone tell you, you cant give treats to your dog is like telling you not give your baby treats (at least that's how I make the correlation). I knew I couldn't give up treats entirely, but I knew I needed to find a good treat. A treat that is good for his teeth and his future summer bod.

    Oh hey, here's the part where I tell you that Henry got to try these treats in exchange for me writing about them. If he had opposable thumbs you better believe it's be writing this because he loved them. 

    Cue, Caru Dog Treats. Caru all started because the pet parents had a dog with ear infections. After learning more about what dog treat and food brands put in food (don't read some labels) they knew they needed to make something better.  So in close collaboration with an accomplished animal Ph.D. nutritionist, they created a complete line of nourishing meals and treats that look, smell and taste as good as homemade food.

    Here are some reasons you and your pup will LOVE Caru.
    1. Carefully selected, human grade products. This means you could eat them and that they all pass FDA regulations. This is crazy to me that not all dog brands have to follow this. We let dogs sleep in our beds, lick our faces but then we feed them food that is harmful to people? What are we thinking. 
    2. Made in the USA. Go 'Merica. 
    3. Great for dogs with allergies. If Henry is anything like me (and people say we look alike soo) then he is suffering with allergies. Anything that can help, I am on board. 

    Henry absolutely loved the treats. He loved them so much that I have to keep them in the garage because he can smell them, through the bag and the Ziploc I put them in. I'm not lying, he was scratching at the laundry room door because he knows that's where his treats are. 

    The cool thing about Caru is there are a lot of different flavors to chose from. Do you have a picky dog? Want your dog to try new things? Oh well, you are in luck. From Alligator to Venison, I'm pretty sure you'll find something your pup will love. 

    Henry chose the venison and loves ittt. So, what are you doing? You should be entering the giveaway below! 

    THREE lucky winners will receive a bag of dog treats, the flavor will be up to your pup! 

    So go, enter below! 
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    Happy Fathers Day: A Guest Post + Inside Look.

    Sunday, June 19, 2016

    Happy Father's Day to all you amazing dads out there! Especially my dad, my brother, my father in law, my brother-in-law and Adam (the best dog-dad ever, no pregnancy announcement here). You dads are rocking this dad thing and I'm so thankful to a part of your life and all the littles you raised/are raising.  Today we celebrate you!

    I am super excited for this today's post. In light of fathers day, I thought, what is a better way to celebrate this day then have a dad write the post! Today, my amazing brother-in-law Joe is sharing his life as a dad and all the many adventures it brings. He is the dad to my amazing little nieces, Izzy and V, and such a good one at that.

    Without further ado.

    Ah the weekend! I know we all get the feeling on Friday morning that the weekend is just mere hours away. Thank God. Shut off the alarm clock, make some plans (or plan to do nothing), pour a drink and just relax. You’ve earned it, the work week can be brutal. Bosses, annoying coworkers, TPS reports (whatever those are) and work clothes, are just the worst. The weekend is for our mental health, so we can forget about all the drama and recharge the brain. As a Dad of two little girls the weekend gives me the time to spend every waking minute of my time with these sweet little angels. Sounds great right? It is, but to be clear the weekend isn’t the break it used to be. 

    Now the weekend is a mini work week where my bosses, who are three and one years old, seemingly call the shots, demand the impossible, and keep me on my job from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm . Two 14-hour work days and the pay is lousy. It all starts with a wake-up call from my three-year old boss an inch away from my face. 

    “Daddy, wake up. Daddy, Dad, Dad, daddy, WAKE UP!” 

    I don’t dare turn over in bed or ignore this request because the volume will only increase. If the volume increases my second boss, the one-year old, may also wake up. I begrudgingly roll out of bed to start the day. Before we even get downstairs I get the first snack request of the day. There will be a 100 more such requests today. “Daddy, can I have a snack and watch a show?” “Yes” I say and I proceed to turn on some Peppa Pig and get her a snack, which is really just the first of many breakfasts. I pour myself some coffee and get into my chair to watch that sweet British Pig for what I hope to be a 15 minute break, but five minutes in I hear the cry of the lil boss. She is awake, now the job really gets tricky.

    Lil Boss is different than Big Boss. She doesn’t say much and will act likes she’s my best friend but I know better. Her demand for 1 breakfast is persistent and she won’t stop until she’s in that high chair with a banana. Big Boss sees that Lil boss got a banana and that is not acceptable to her. She WANTS a banana. Let the competitions begin. The day will be filled with mine vs. yours or in their minds, mine vs. mine. I will be their diplomat. 

    My wife comes down stairs and that signals to the Bosses that it is time for 2nd Breakfast! I will be their cook today. I whip up some pancakes and all are happy for a time. Meals are good for the family, it gives us all something to do. It’s when they are done eating when things once again get complicated. 

    Now it’s the tough decision of what are we going to do today? Its only 0900, what are we going to do for the next 11 hours. On this day we decided to kick off summer right and go to the pool. Going to the pool before the Bosses was so simple. Pack a hat, sunscreen, towel and you’re good to go. With them it’s like packing to go out of town for a few days. Snacks, drinks backup diapers swim diapers sunscreen baby hats, baby goggles swim toys etc.…… Oh and forget relaxing in the sun, the Big boss wants go down the waterside. I get to the top of the slide secretly hoping she doesn’t like the water slide because if she does I will be going down this damn slide 25 more times in the next two hours. We go down, she loves it! Face palm!! I will be her lifeguard

    The rest of the time at the pool its alternating snack and slide requests. It’s finally time to go, how do we know? Well I know it’s time because Big Boss is so excited slash tired she is spinning in circles and screaming and Lil boss is out of cheerios. The wife and I are tired. So are the Bosses. We plan to get home for nap/break time. It is 3:00. Still 5 hours left in this work day, we NEED a break. Big Boss has different plans though. Once we get in the house, “Can I have a snack and watch a show? I stand up to her and say no to the snack (shes had about 12 today) but give in to more Peppa Pig. It is quiet time in the house. The Lil one naps and the other watches a Pig jumping in muddy puddles. 

    It’s time to gear up for the evening push. The neighbors have invited us over for a BBQ. Again, sounds fun right? Well the wife and I are already running on E and I will have to go to the store. But hey, maybe I can have a couple of beers and adult interactions. Plus the Bosses need time with the neighbor’s Bosses. I will be their social coordinator. 

    We arrive at the neighbors and apparently I have a new employer and he wants me to play baseball, then soccer, then football. I will be his coach/teammate

    At least I don’t have to cook again as the neighbor takes on the grill. I have to feed the Bosses, the Lil one on my lap. I eat last. Then we play with all the new toys in the neighbor’s house until it’s time to leave. Big boss does not want to leave. She never wants to leave a good time. She is a party. Lil one however is delirious and has a full diaper so its time to wrap up the work day. I won’t go into the bedtime process but just imagine pulling out every negotiating tactic you’ve ever used and cramming them into a twenty minute period. Big boss tries her last few attempts at pulling rank with more requests. The last being that she wants to go to outer space. I say, “But we would need a space ship” She says, “Well Peppa Pig went to outer space?! You can just by a space ship!” Damn British Pig! I lie and say that I will look into it and see if I have enough money for a space ship. I kiss her on the head and say good night. Then switch with my wife so that each boss can get adequate time with their staff for one final review before they fall asleep. I will be their Daddy.

    So one day down and one to go. This weekend job is more tiresome than my M-F. As much work as I have done today, my beautiful wife has done more and we are drained. It’s been a long day. I anticipate what tomorrow will bring and it make me even more exhausted. Then, after 10 minutes of time without the requests and the laughter and tears, I start to miss them. 

    I pull out my phone and look at my photos of the day (which are posted here) and am once again reminded that I have the best job in the world. I said that the pay is lousy but I lied. It doesn’t fill my bank account but it fills my heart and soul. My wife and I will work for them for the rest of our lives and I couldn’t be more pleased with our choice to take on this job. 

    Best Bosses, rather babies in the world!

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    An Inside Look at Freebird Shoes

    Friday, June 17, 2016

    Happy Friday everyone! If Friday's aren't already the best day, today is my favorite blog & subject -- shoes.

    My blogging dreams have officially come true.

    I got an email to come visit a shoe store, try them on and take them home. Here's my disclosure that I was given shoes, but not just any shoes, Freebird shoes. She didn't ask me to write a post, post it on Instagram or anything like that, but I LOVE these shoes so much, I'm doing it. You all need to know about these shoes.

    PS this is my first "fashion" post, so bare with me peeps.

    Freebird was started by a man named Mike who used to work for Steve Madden. Realizing that his brand, Freebird, was a hit, he ventured on his own. Cue the Colorado ties, Mike made his way to Denver to curate the most beautiful, handmade leather shoes and boots around.

    Freebird has been selling at places you might recognize like Nordstrom, Revolve, Zappos, Shopbop and Buckle, just to name a few. It was a few years ago when Mike decided to try his hand at retail. Reaching out to his good friend Steve, he asked if he could sell Freebird in the Steve Madden retail shops.

    Here's where I came in. I visited the "Steve Madden" Freebird store in Cherry Creek Mall. I have to admit, I had never heard of Freebird before this day. I figured they would be like Steve Madden shoes, which are great, but I haven't worn in a while. But when I walked in, I knew I needed to know them and needed their shoes.

    Freebird creates handmade, hand crafted, gorgeous leather boots, sandals, shoes, mules, booties and some bags. Each one is hand done. How amazing is that. Their goal is to recreate the retail shopping experience. Great customer service, great shoes (that last!) and just an overall great feeling when you leave the store, dying to come back. I still haven't told Adam, but we're going back tomorrow so I can get the pair of mules I was drooling over.

    Shoes: Bambi (linked similar) Shirt: Madewell, Jeans: Madewell
    Watch: Michele, Cuff: David Yurman

    Oh, hey men out there, they do your shoes too and they're incredible. Adam, I know what I'm getting you for the next couple birthdays! Let's look at some pictures, shall we?

    The best part about this day, besides the gorgeous shoes, was meeting two really amazing Denver bloggers. This blogging community is such an amazing group of woman and I love getting to know more!

    Shoes: Bambi (linked similar) Shirt: Madewell, Jeans: Madewell
    Watch: MichelleCuff: David Yurman

    Make sure you follow these lovely ladies! 

    Courtney // Blog // Instagram // Facebook  // Twitter 
    Channing // Blog // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

    Make sure to stay in touch because we have some really cool things coming up with Freebird. And, if you're in the Denver area make sure to check out the stores in Cherry Creek or the Flatirons. Or, if not, go online. People, you will not regret the money spent on these shoes. 

    Okay, let's get one more closeup on the shoes. 

    Jeans: Madewell, Shoes: Freebird (linked similar) 

    Have you guys purchased Freebird shoes before? What pair do you own? 

    Happy Friday everyone!
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