The Bachelorette: And, we're back.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Happy Wednesday everyone. How's your short week going? I don't know about you, but the week post holiday weekend is always the longest. I'm still basking in post-bachelorette party glow and cannot wait to share with you my how-to-Austin post! It's going to be amazing! I also have some fun giveaways and guest posts coming, don't miss out!

Back to the gist. I wasn't sure if I wanted to blog the Bachelorette this season. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Rachel and am thrilled she's the bachelorette, but I just didn't feel like blogging this season. I think its because I like her so much. I just wanted to watch it. However, some of  my fabulous blog readers reached out to me last week asking where my bachelorette post was. You, readers of #EG warm my heart and soul.

Last night when I was blogging this episode I got two Bachelorette questions. I'll try to answer these throughout the post, but I think on some, your guess is as good as mine.
  1. What is the matter with Coppers (Rachel's dog) leg? Peter asked this first thing and Rachel said she'd talk about it later. We're still figuring this out.
  2. Why does the Bachelor mansion look like it's falling apart? No clue. However, the Bachelor Enterprise started in 2002 and there have been 21 bachelor seasons and 13 bachelorette seasons so that may explain it. Maybe we should ask the people who live there real time
So, we are back. The Bachelorette is back and the #EG posts are back. Let's do it. this post is going to be a recap  and a minor cover of the boys thus far.
I'm still learning names, so hang on with me. It usually takes a few episodes.

We started Monday with a group date, duh. "I'm looking for a husband." Should we count how may times she says that this season? Oh, and real quick - what boys like champagne? This is an honest question. Adam would rather drink anything else and I mean anything and these boys are popping champs and making toasts like they're at a wedding.

Group Date 1: Rachel hosts a BBQ with football as their activity and she is playing barefoot in a sundress.... Ashton Kutcher and Mila? Is this real? How are they on this show? I'm obsessed with with them. I wish I was as famous as Mila that I could call the Bachelorette producers and ask to "help her find a husband." This is so (expletive) stupid. Poor Rachel looks so incredibly bored on this group date. Yikes.
  • Lucas/Whambam: He's immature and wants to be on TV
  • Iggy: Admitting that he poops every day and can handle baby poop. I like this one.
  • Blake: He has obviously never seen this show before. The more you talk shit about other contestants the less you connect with the lead.
  • Dean: He is darling. You can tell that Rachel has a little spark with him. First group date rose and first group kiss! Big things are happening for Dean.
  • Kenny: I liked listening to him. He seems very genuine and authentic.
  • Eric: From the previews, this guy is gonna make a lot of enemies and I already don't like him.
Back at the house: All these boys sit around the pool drinking champs and talking about the same girl. This has to be the most awkward situation ever. Plus, most guys have only said like 13 words to Rachel at this point and were picked because they didn't get too drunk the first night and they were cute.

For my Bachelorette fanatics, do you remember Wes? The singer from Nashville on Jillians season? Lee is going to be that guy this year. He's the womanizer that sings and is only here for publicity for his music career. But if Wes taught us anything, it's if Bachelor nation hates you, your career is dead before it started.

First One-on-One: First one-on-one with Peter. He is darling. I like him. Ya know when you just get a good vibe? Oh my gosh. Copper is so dang cute. If I was a Bachelorette, I would FOR SURE bring my animals. That's a huge test.

Peter and Rachel are so cute. They talk about animals, they dance with their animals and they are talking about the gaps in their teeth. I think they seem to get a long really well. I mean wouldn't we all if it was all romantic, paid for and you took private jets places. I love this and them.

Can we talk abut the relationship therapist? I didn't realize this was a thing, but apparently it is and allegedly really helped both Rachel and Peter. If I know one thing about Rachel its that she loves to kiss these boys.

Group Date 2: Swish. Whoever said at the beginning of the date, "A little love and basketball" would immediately get the rose on my date.

Kareem is the cutest, but doesn't he look so old! I wish stars could stay young forever. I wonder what high school are they at and who made all these Bachelor Nation posters? And, I wanna know who actually came to watch this game. Do you think they got paid? Do you think they knew what they were going too?

Let's get to the girlfriend. How shocked are we really that DeMario has a girlfriend? Oh, not at all? Me neither. This whole thing is nuts,DeMario seems nuts, that girl seems nuts and Rachel is a bad-ass for holding her ground. I cannot imagine the guys in the locker room. They're probably waiting for hours while the producers get their shots being like WTF, let me shower and eat dinner.
  • DeMario: He seems to have a lot of unwarranted arrogance.
  • Lee: Even though he sucks at basketball was a pretty good spot.
Rose Ceremony: Lets do this. Rachel is killing the dress game so far this season. She looks like a queen. Can you imagine the amount of security the Bachelor mansion has? Not only does everyone know where its located (Malibu) but I bet they are constantly trying to sneak on.
  • Bryan, she obviously has some passion with him, and hes so cute, but a massage in a gown? No thanks. 
What are your thoughts on them pushing the Rose Ceremony to the beginning of every episode? I personally hate it. I like the closure at the end of each episode. So, if you don't know, now you know, there will be no rose ceremony this week We'll talk about my front runners next week. Stay tuned! 

Also, what do you think DeMario says to Rachel? Does she take him back? Ah. The anticipation is killing me. 

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The Ultimate Napa Valley Travel Guide

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Have you ever met someone who you instantly know you're going to be friends with? That is how I immediately felt about my friend, Callie. This post is dedicated to Calista. Callie and I have been friends since she walked into freshman seminar at Pepperdine. Since then, we've been sorority sisters, roommates, she was at my law school graduation, engagement party, she was a bridesmaid in my wedding and now, I get to be in hers.

We've experienced a lot of life together. But I think her wedding is going to be the icing on top of this cake. Let me tell you a little about Callie. She's the best friend, fiance, daughter and teacher. She talks loud, sings louder and is kinder than anyone you'll ever meet. She cares deeply about the ones she loves and works harder than anyone I know. Everyone wants a friend like Callie. 

This past weekend I had the honor of joining her and a group of her friends to help celebrate her upcoming nuptials. It was such a wonderful weekend spent laughing until we all cried, literally, inside jokes, tons of pictures, time in the sun, wine and long talks. It was so wonderful getting to know all of Callie's friends and family. The best part about her friends, they treated me like we'd been friends for years. I know this wedding is going to be amazing.

I've never been to Napa Valley before. The closest I've gotten is pictures, stories and my imagination. So, what I learned is there is more than one valley, more towns than just Napa and so much wine to be had.

We stayed in Calistoga, which in my opinion is the best. Talk about a dream location. In my 3 days spent in Calistoga I ate the best food, drank the best wine and swam in the best hot springs. Luckily for you, I've got all the hot-spots. Let's get to it.

Great friends, a swimsuit, a big floppy hat, some sundresses, comfy shoes, sunglasses, matching shirts with the hashtag on it, yoga gear and sunscreen. Plus, make sure your camera has lots of room on it., pictures are a must.

I absolutely over packed. I wish I was kidding. We went for a weekend and I brought a suitcase bigger than required by a European vacation. But, in my defense, it was my first trip to Napa and I had no clue! Really, all ya need is a few dresses and some great friends. The rest will fall into place.

  • Hot Springs: A lot of our Saturday was spent being lazy by the hot springs. I didn't realize the huge pool was actually a hot spring. It was incredible. The hot spring has to be like 85 degrees, I'm actually not sure, but it's so nice and warm. It's crazy to think that even when it's 80 degrees outside that an 85 degree pool would feel great. 
  • A little workout: In the AM on Saturday  Callie's sister Ellie organized a private yoga clsas on the house deck. I highly recommend this. Especially after a few (or 9) glasses of wine on Friday night, nothing felt better than some yoga outside. 
  • Wine tasting: You are in Napa Valley after all! We tried so many new wines and I was in my heaven. I cannot believe I've haven't done this sooner. 
  • Great food: See below!
  • Wander downtown Calistoga, Yountville or Sonoma. They are picturesque. Next time I'm spending so much time in all three. They are so darling.
We stayed at Indian Springs Resort and it was incredible. We had this amazing bungalow with multiple bedrooms, a kitchen and a family room. It also had this huge deck where we did yoga in the morning. It was a perfect spot for lots of girls, couples or even families. Indian Springs had this huge hot spring pool, mud baths and the entire compound was stunning. I felt like I was in paradise.

When/if you've been to Napa Valley, where do you stay? Whats your favorite local? I'm going back twice more this summer and need some recs! Send them this way!

I mean, isn't that the cutest hotel lobby ever? 
This place is legendary.
This "pool" is a hot spring and its glorious! 

Well, luckily for me, Napa Valley has a ton of food, because man, I love food and we did a lot of eating. Whenever I would ask what kind of food the restaurant had, people would say, "California food." I didn't know what that meant at first, but holy moly, it's safe to say California food is my new favorite food. What I learned is California food is fresh, delicious and food I absolutely crave.

I was only there for two days, so didn't have the chance to eat at a ton of places, but the places I tried were absolutely incredible! What are your favorite places to eat?

The Boon Fly Cafe: We stopped in to Boon Fly on our way into Napa Valley. It is a part of Carneros Resort and Spa. It is so dang delicious. It's known for it's modern rustic cuisine in a contemporary roadhouse atmosphere (direct quote!). They are known for their amazing donuts. Take my advice and get the donuts, it's worth a splurge. I got the most delicious hamburger I've ever had. Oh and of course, champs. Hamburgers, corn beef hash, donuts and all the egg breakfasts you can imagine.

Oh Boon Fly, you are the best. 

Sam's Social Club: Two words, avocado toast. This brunch place is right outside the Indian Springs resort. I would have eaten here everyday if I could have. If you don't know, brunch is a ladies best friend. The 10 of us sat around for hours, chatting, telling secrets and drinking mimosas. We literally sat here for hours. It was such a blast. More proof that brunch is the best.They serve the best kind of brunch; eggs, avocado toast, granola and everything else.

What did I tell you about the avocado toast.
The best kind of group picture.

Sushi Mambo: This place was walking distance from our hotel. The sushi was amazing but the service was eh. Luckily Ellie is a champpppp and got us all the sushi we could want. Plus, we ate sushi for three days after our first meal. They serve classic sushi. It is delish.

I told you we got all the sushi. 

Ad Hoc + Addendum: This restaurant is a Thomas Keller restaurant. I didn't know what that meant before, but holy moly. I am going to start seeking this guy out. His other restaurants include the French Laundry, Bouchon Bakery and Per Se. Add them to my list. This was hands down, top 2 restaurants I've ever been too. The coolest part about Ad Hoc, it's all family style and the menu changes every single day based on whats available. We had salmon salad, eggs benedict, homemade scones and french toast. Safe to say, we indulged.

A relief from hunger. Literally my new life motto. 
Scones, eggs benedict, french toast and salmon salad

Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch: Save the best for last. This dinner is everything I pictured for a perfect group dinner. With tealights over the table and the best family style food ever, it was the perfect night. 

I mean, is she not the prettiest bachelorette. 

The dreamiest dinner

Have you guys been to Napa Valley? Tell me everything. Like I mentioned before, we're spending two more weekends here this summer and I need some more recommendations! Tell me where you love to go, what you love to see and do!

Now, it's time for all the pictures.

The view from our deck was amaze.
The prettiest.

Yasss. #Calistagetsamister
The prettiest of sisters. El, thanks for hosting the best bachelorette party. 
Cal, thanks for being the best bachelorette.

Thanks for letting me recap the entire weekend. It allowed me relive it all over again. Get ready for this weekend, I'm off to Austin for another bachelorette party, which means, another tour guide coming your way. 

Happy Friday friends! 

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My Napa Valley Packing List

Thursday, May 18, 2017

This weekend I get to go to Calistoga to celebrate one of my best friends Callie. She is getting married this summer and what would a wedding be without one last sendoff, complete with wine and girlfriends. Next week I'll be sharing a how-where & what to do in Napa Valley post. You won't wanna miss it!

Calistoga is tucked into the base of Mount Saint Helena at the top of Napa Valley and it offers all the rustic charm of a 19th-century western town. We are staying at the Indian Springs Resort. Feel free to check it out here, I'll share more details next week. Oh, and don't forget to follow me on Insta Stories, you'll get a sneak peek! 

I've never been to Napa Valley before so I am thrilled. In my head, I expect Napa Valley to be rolling hills, stunning views, small town feel with grapes flooding the region. I imagine the sun always to be shining, the breeze to be cool and the sun hot. Have any of you been to Napa Valley before? Whats your favorite part?

The hardest part about packing for a place you've never been is the unknown. How many shoes do I bring, how many fancy dresses v. maxi dresses. Do I bring a jacket? Two? Heels or wedges. The packing battle can be hard. But don't you worry folks, I've got the tips and the perfect packing list for you.

THE NEW TRIP TIPS: Tips to packing for a place you've never been:

1. Start early: I'm one of those annoying people who starts packing days in advance. I start laying stuff out on our guest bed just so I can start mentally preparing for the trip.

2. Check the weather: You gotta make sure you don't bring sweaters when it's 90 and bikinis when it's snowing.

3. Scope out your location: If you know where you're going to dinner, scope out the scene and get a feel for where you're at. For example, Nobu in Las Vegas is going to be very different than the farm house in Napa. No-one wants to be in jeans when it should be fancy.

Luckily for us, Callie's sister had a great itinerary she emailed us ahead of time, so doing my research was easy peasy. The weather this weekend is going to be warm. High-80's during the day and mid-50's at night. We're doing a mix of yoga, hiking, wine tasting, lazy dinners in and nice dinners out.

THE PACKING LIST: Lets get to the fun part, the clothes.

1. A Tote & Airplane Necessities: This is imperative for airplane travel, (obvs) bringing gifts and carrying wine bottles. Make sure it's light so your arm and shoulders aren't killing you after 10 minutes. I'm going to be on a flight for 2 hours, so an iPad, blogging journal, great book & headphones are required. I always throw my glasses in my carry-on just in case I'm stuck somewhere.

2. Lululemon and some tennis shoes: Part of our itinerary includes yoga and Pilates. Comfy and cute workout clothes is a must. Plus, I love traveling in tennis shoes or at least comfy flats. If you've ever been to the Denver airport, you know it's three miles long. One time I made the mistake and wore wedges, I was in tears by the time I got to my terminal. It was not pretty.

3. Sundress with the cutest jacket. It's Napa! I can only imagine the darling pictures we're going to want to take. A bright sundress for those hot afternoons will be perfect. Plus, a jacket for when it's breezy. I really don't want to get sunburned! You all know how much I love the color black, but I feel like in Napa, black is a no-no. I'm focused on bright colors and floral patters.

4. Comfortable but cute: Sometimes a dress (even a sundress) can feel a little too much. My second outfit go-to for Napa is a great top, I am loving the off the shoulder trend right now. Plus, this way I can get a little sun on my shoulders! Top that off with light jeans and some great wedges. Also, a small crossbody bag. It's gotta be big enough for sunglasses, credit card, lip gloss and my phone. I'm obsessed with this Marfa bag from Madewell. It comes in tan and is my fav. 

5. Pajamas. This week I'll be bunking with about 10 girls, most of who I don't know. Probably not appropriate to show up in Adams old ripped t-shirt and boy shirts. Luckily Madewell saved my life and came out with sleepwear. Now I can look my age even when I'm sleeping. PS. Madewell's intimates are the PERFECT gift for a bride too - just sayin.

6. All the other goods: I am not a good light packer. I am notorious for bringing things that never leave the suitcase. But I hate getting to a location and wishing I would have brought one more jacket or shirt. These are all the last minute throw in items: swimsuit (I'm obsessed with this one piece!), a jean Jacket, cute tennis shoes, a pair of slides, that one t-shirt dress that you know goes with everything and a light cozy sweater.

Happy Thursday friends! I hope the rest of your week runs smoothly! I cannot wait to share my Napa trip with you next week! Make sure to follow along on Insta-Stories!

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The perfect summer jacket.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wanna know how I know my husband rocks? Last night when he walked in the house after work, he mentioned how much he liked my jacket and said you should put this on your blog. WinnerThen I proceeded to drag him out front to take photos, and this my friends is marriage. Oh what a sweet sweet marriage & an even better hubs.

This week has been long. The entire week I've felt a day off. I woke up yesterday thinking, hooray its Wednesday, only to be reminded by my calendar that it was in fact Tuesday. Isn't that the worst? Anyways, here we are, it's Wednesday, we are half way through the week and one step closer to the weekend.

My mother is currently on her way to Duluth, Minnesota for a funeral and she left Arizona yesterday at 12pm and still hasn't arrived. Unfortunately, United was the only airline semi-affordable and got her in on time. After some weather delayed their route, she slept in the Minneapolis airport last night and United did nothing to make them comfortable. She did get a $10 coupon for breakfast. How nice. She missed the funeral and is still trying to get to Duluth. Further proof that Southwest is the only good airline.

Just as happy as can be in my new bomber.

I'm pretty sure at this point, I was asking Adam if I should tuck my shirt in. 

This is not a good picture of me, let's be honest about that. But the back story of Adam helping me is hilar. I couldn't decide whether or not to tuck this damn shirt in. I struggle with high waisted-cropped jeans because I feel like if I don't tuck my shirt in it makes my legs look short but if I tuck it in I have a short waist. I love these jeans, I legit wear them every day. But the struggle is real folks. To tuck or un-tuck. 

He said I should tuck it in, done. 

Anywayyys, this weekend is one of my best friends bachelorette parties in Calistoga! I've never been to wine county before and am SO excited to spend the weekend sipping (chugging) wine with some of my best girls. We're gonna do yoga, hike, drink wine, visit the hot springs, have delicious meals and bond. Because isn't that what girls do best?

Next week on the blog, I'll have my full recap, the best places to stay, the best places to drink wine and of course, tons of pictures. Stay tuned, it will be a weekend recap you do not want to miss.

Today I am super pumped to share with you this jacket! It's my new favorite and you will probably see it on the blog and my Instagram a ton more this summer. What I'm learning about living in Colorado is the temperature in the morning is rarely the same as the temperature at night. I've grown used to carrying a jacket in my car at all times.

How do you show the back of a jacket and your face? It's the eternal blogger struggle. 

This is me looking at my jacket thinking how fly I look. Yeah, I said fly. 

Yesterday, I had a dentist appointment and I was standing in the elevator with two other ladies. One lady told me she loved my shoes and asked where I got them. I told her Macys and they were by Ivanka Trump.

She looked at me like I killed her fish. "I would never and will never buy anything she makes." I just stared at her shocked by such a drastic reaction at 9am. The other lady said, "Who cares about who makes them, I love them. I'm gonna buy a pair."

My thoughts - Okay, I get it, not everyone is a Trump suporter. But you asked me, and then got aggressive with me over shoes, at 9am, in a tiny elevator. Lady. Drink some tea and chilllll.

On to the jacket shall we? This jacket is perfect for our finicky temps. It's super light weight, is mostly black and is super comfortable. Not to brag, but I got like 15 compliments on it. It's an absolute must have for your summer wardrobe. I'm obsessed. They had another floral bomber and I should have bought it. Looks like I'm gonna have to hit up Target again tonight.

Did I mention it's at Target and only $29.99! Guys, this is a steal and a done deal.

Happy Wednesday friends! Tomorrow on the blog, I'm sharing my tips to packing for a place you've never been. How am I supposed to know what to bring to Calistoga? I'll share all my tips tomorrow!

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On becoming a morning person

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I used to be a morning person. When I was in high school, I would wake up at 530 am or earlier, blast Dashboard Confessional and spend 2 and a half hours getting ready. I didn't mind it at all, I mean, I had to look pretty in my school uniform and thick black eyeliner, right?

Now, I literally crawl out of bed (or Adam dragggssss me) one hour before I have to leave for work. I spend a good 20 minutes in bed before I get up, stretching and looking at my phone. Instagram is the best in the morning, I can't wait to catch up on what I missed. I'm a lazy piece in the am. Every one tells me once I have kids, it'll change, but man alive, mornings blow.

The only thing that saves me is when I hear the coffee machine start and the coffee brewing. Its as if someone put a line straight from the coffee machine to my vein. I envy people that pop out of bed fresh like a daisy ready to start their day. If it were up to me, days would start at 10am and end at 8pm. What can I say, I love my sleep and I love my bed.

Recently I started working out in the morning and it sucks. My alarm goes on at 510 am and it literally makes me want to throw the phone across the room. The only reason I get up and go is because if I don't cancel my class, they charge me $10. Ten bucks is a lot of morning guilt. I figured if this is my problem, it's probably someone elses too.

I've been asking around, asking friends, asking Adam how am I supposed to wake up early. How am I supposed to be awake enough to get dressed, fill my eyebrows in and get to class on time. It's not easy friends, but someone gotta do it.

1 . Set your alarm. Or if you are like me, set 10 alarms all within 2 minute increments of each other.  Make sure the alarm is either loud annoying music or screeching beeps. Bonus points if the alarms wake your husband and then he wants to murder your phone. Snooze all 9 alarms until the tenth one and then begrudgingly get up. Try to do so without throwing your phone on the ground.

2. Set your clothes out the night before. Or, when you wake up at 515 am, you decide you don't  want to wear those leggings, so you'll rummage around in the dark finding another pair that's better than the pair you picked out 12 hours ago.

3. Put your contacts in first because stubbing your toe sucks and glasses in pure barre do not work. Also, there is nothing like putting your fingers in your eye by the light of the moon.

4. Be quiet as to not wake others in your house. Or if you're like me, wake your husband and dogs up in the process. Be as loud as you can without trying. Accidenlty slam the drawers, stub your toe and curse and blow your nose. It helps when your bathroom doesn't have a door on it so the light streams through too.

5. Have a routine & stick to it. Wake up. Contacts. Eyebrows. Coffee. Drive to Pure Barre. Or, wake up, drop contact down the drain, forget one eyebrow and run around like a chicken with your head cut off. It helps if you misplace stuff.

6. Don't immediately look at your phone. If you're like me, checking Instagram at 5am is important business. This is when I start thinking about my Instagram caption for the day. And before I know it its 525 and you were supposed to leave 10 minutes ago.

7. Get bright light first thing. Or you are like me and you're waking up before the sun gets up. So that sucks. But try, it'll wake you up. Luckily Denver is getting brighter earlier. Lucky for be, not so lucky for Adam who is still trying to sleep in.

8. Reorganize your nighttime routine. Set out your clothes, contacts, pure barre socks, eyebrow pencil. Ya know, the important stuff. I don't care if it's just Pure Barre, I gotta have my brows on. For some reason, whenever I get up in the morning, I cannot seem to find where I put it in the am. It's like someone came in and moved it all while I was in REM sleep.

9. Keep your weekend sleep and your weekday sleep the same. This is literally impossible for me. I am sorry, but when Saturday morning comes around. getting up at 5am is the last thing I will ever do. Sorry tips I found on Pinterest, this one will not work for me.

10. No more nightcap. While I personally hate this rule, it's imperative to good sleep and bright mornings. Even with one glass of wine, I notice being a little more groggy than I am sans wine. But, whatever, a good shower makes me less groggy and then I can still have my wine.

How do you get up in the AM? What are you tips? Do you work out in the am or at night?

Tell me everything.

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Thank you, Mom.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Friday & Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

This weekend is dedicated to my mother and all the other amazing mamas out there. I am super fortunate to have a lot of moms in my life. Specifically my mama, you rock. To my mother-in-law, thank you for raising the best son and welcoming me to your family. To my amazing sisters-in-law, you girls are my inspo I cannot wait for my future kids to hang out with their cousins. To my girl friends, you are incredible mamas and proof that mamas are smokin hot. 

There are a lot of lucky babies out there.

To all you mamas, this is dedicated to you and all the hard work you put into raising your family. I don't pretend to know how hard it is to raise a human. I have two-dogs and some days I feel like I could pull my hair out. To your long hours, sleepless nights and thankless moments, please allow me to thank you. You are amazing and you deserved to be spoiled today and every day. I know a lot of people saying being a mama can be a thankless job. Well, thankless no more.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I think you are exquisite. 

Yes, there are many amazing mama's out there but this post from here down is dedicated to my mama. Happy Mother's day to my favorite lady in the world.

An oldie, but a good - I think this was 2009!

Moms are the best things ever. And, I do not say thank you enough to my mom. And since you all know I love writing letters on this blog of mine, this is my thank you note to my mom.

Thank you for taking my call all day every day. Yes, I know I call you at 6am and 10pm and every hour in between. But thanks for always answering my call. Thanks for letting me vent about the same things for 45 minutes on end. Thanks for letting me tell you the same stories, the same excitements and the same news. Thanks for listening when I have nothing to tell you and I just call because I'm stuck in traffic.
Thank you for reading my blog, sharing my posts, commenting on my Instagram, telling your friends about my blog and taking pictures for me. Thanks for buying me clothes you think I would like and my readers would buy. Thanks for being my personal shopper. 
Thanks for visiting Adam and I in Denver and grocery shopping for me. There is nothing better than a visit from your parents and a trip to Costco. 
Thanks for teaching me how to do my laundry when I was a kid, so that I can do my family laundry now. Even though I don't iron Adams undershirts like you do dads, I still know how. Thanks for being martha stewart and knowing exactly how to get red wine out of blouses and spaghetti sauce out of couches. 
Thank you for teaching me how to cook chicken. There is nothing worse than raw chicken, so thanks for teaching me how to make sure its cooked. Thanks for teaching me how to make steak. Even though the first time I made it for Adam I almost burned our apartment now, I think I've got it down now. 
Thanks for giving me the genetic trait that makes me cry at almost anything. Commercials, a sweet note or even this blog post will probably have both of us in tears by the end. All my friends know I'm the token crier, so I owe that to you. 
Thanks for teaching me how to be a good wife an hopefully some day a good mama. I cannot wait for my kids to get to experience you as their nana. 
Thank you for teaching me how to love other people. If there is one thing I learned its how to be a gracious host and always want to be the host. Lets face it, we'd rather be in our own house on our own hosting terms. Am I right? One day I'll have a kitchen as big as yours. 
Thank you for teaching me how to stand up for myself and what I believe in. Thank you for encouraging me daily. Thank you for supporting me through some life failure and some amazing life joys. I'd literally be lost without you and the force you are in my life.  
If I don't say thank you enough, thank you. You are the best mama. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing mamas out there. We couldn't do it with out you. Cheers to you, I hope you get to sleep a little later, shower a little longer and snuggle those babies of yours a little more.

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The Ultimate Grand Cayman Travel Guide.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Alright guys, you have officially made it through wedding week! Congrats! This is officially the last post commemorating our wedding. This day two years ago we left for our honeymoon, hands-down the greatest trip ever. I've been writing this post for about 2 years since we got back. Since Adam took most of the pictures this trip, I had to get them off his phone, which is always tough :)

Anyways, thanks for joining me on this week of memories. Until next year.

When Adam and I started thinking about places to honeymoon we went between honeymoon 1 - lots of activities or honeymoon 2 - sitting on a beach. There was a huge part of both of us that wanted this crazy honeymoon where we toured all over Europe for three weeks. The other part realized how much that would cost and how nice it would be to do nothing, especially after all the hoopla of the wedding was over.

We settled on a beach honeymoon. Then our second thought was, we wanted some things to do, but we didn't want something to do every day. I know what you're thinking, damn they're picky. But here's the thing, this would be our first married vacay and we wanted it to be perfect.

It was settled, beach with some things to do, just not required activities. After we narrowed that down, we started with a google search, "best place to honeymoon where there are no kids around." Call me selfish, but we wanted to be at a resort where there wouldn't be kids running around and screaming.

Google gave us some options: Hawaii, Turks & Caicos, Bali, Grand Cayman and Belize.

We started researching all those places. We looked them up on Yelp, we googled crime rates, flight times, hotel prices and activities. On Yelp, even the nicest hotel in Hawaii had reviews claiming the adult pool was really still all kids. Scratched. Turks & Caicos sounded incredible. That stayed on the list. Bali sounded like heaven. That was until we started looking at flights and we found that it could take us a day to get there! Scratched. Belize had huge crime rates. Scratched. Grand Cayman was our perfect middle ground.

We spent 8 magical days on Grand Cayman. We drank amazing pina colodas, ate tons of fresh fish and slept in every day. Plus I got a sunburn that lasted weeks after the honeymoon was over. If you're looking for an amazing beach vacay with minor actives, look no further.

I have the ultimate Grand Cayman Travel Guide. Get ready to book your next vacation!

WHAT YOU NEED: Passport, swim suit, suntan lotion and a cover-up. Grand Cayman is super relaxed. Anywhere you go, a cover-up will be all you'll need. We walked a lot of places, so make sure to bring comfy shoes and a big hat. The sun is powerful!

Also, the currency is Grand Cayman dollars. American currency is worth a little bit more than the Cayman dollar, but not by much. I still have some in my wallet. Consider it my memorabilia.

WHERE TO STAY: We stayed at the Ritz Carlton on Seven Mile Beach. If you can believe it, the Ritz on GC was cheaper than the Hyatt in Hawaii. Plus, when we told them we were on our honeymoon, they supplied our room with champs and roses. Plus they bumped us to beach view. Talk about service. The Ritz is also known on the island as having the best pina coladas. They are pure fruit juice and booze. I drank 3 before they told me they were $27 dollars a piece. Ouch.

The best pina colada in all the land 

The Ritz bar-tenders make great shots

If you are looking for cheaper, there are tons of resorts up and down seven mile beach. There is a Marriott Beach Resort and a Westin that are definitely cheaper, but still right and the beach and so nice.

Next time we go we want to stay with friends and rent a place. Once we were on the island, all the locals told us that we needed to rent a place next time. Even if you don't cook at your rental, the cost would cut the price of a resort in half.

WHEN TO GO: We went in the middle of May which is technically off-season/start of hurricane season. We were told once we got there that hurricane season doesn't really start until late-June, so we hit the perfect time. It's not peak season so it was semi-empty, we got front row water chairs on the beach and we had our pick of dinner locations. Peak-season in Grand Cayman is September through April, but that also means that the costs skyrocket.

I would highly recommend this middle May time. It was great. We got a little rain mid-afternoon, but it lasted 30 minutes max. It was the perfect amount of time to reapply sun screen, grab a pina colada and by then we were back to the beach.

WHAT TO DO: Like I mentioned before, Grand Cayman is perfect for people who want to do nothing. Adam and I do nothing really good. Most days we woke up late, grabbed a bite to eat and parked ourselves on the beach with a local beer and a good book. But on the days we wanted to be adventurous, we had all the things we needed.

Seven Mile Beach: It really needs no explanation. We walked it one day and came back very sunburned. If you do, grab a beer and a hat. Trust me on this one :)

Stingray City: You get on this amazing boat and venture out to this part in the middle of the ocean that is shallow enough you can stand and you snuggle stingrays. They are obviously all used to people and most of the boat captains have all the stingrays named. I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty dang nervous, but once you're in the water, the nerves dissipate. I couldn't help but think of Steve Erwin RIP.

Georgetown: The capital. This is where there is tons of shopping, chotchkey shopping, but shopping nonetheless. Adam and I never made it down here during the day because every time we looked down the beach, all we saw was cruise ships and battling throngs of tourists was not in our schedule. And yes, GC is small enough that from the end of 7-Mile Beach we could see Georgetown.

Camana Bay: Camana Bay is this little shopping area on the bay side of the island. It's super pretty filled with fancy shops and great restaurants. For a change of scenery we went here a few times for cocktails. It's ritzier than anywhere we went on the island, but was super fun to walk around.

 The heart of Camana Bay
At our favorite brunch place in Camana Bay, Karoo

Diving the North WallGrand Cayman’s North Wall plunges deeper than 6000 feet and offers beautiful wall diving with opportunities to see spotted eagle rays and sea turtles. Grand Cayman also offers accessible shore diving on great coral reefs with little to no current. We didn't have time to get our diving cert before our honeymoon, but we would love to get it and go back. My dad has dived GC a bunch and raves about it. 

Fishing: Tons of fishing. My husband would have loved to do this. Next time with friends. You can rent a private fishing boat and spend the day with food and wine out on the water fishing. Sounds so fun. But it was financially worth it for just us two. The private boat runs about $1000/day. But with 3-4 couples, it would be great. 

Turtle Farm: Yes. We didn't make it here either but man, next time. 

Hell: There is literally a place called Hell and you can take all kinds of pictures, buy memorabily ect. We didn't go here. Not sure if we would if we go back, but hey tourists love this kind of stuff! 

WHERE TO EAT: First things first, eat on the water, eat fish and eat a lot. You will dream about it when you're back in the States. Or that was just me. There are so many amazing restaurants, you cannot go wrong. Here are the ones we tried and LOVED.

Deckers: Its this amazing little restaurant, right across from our hotel. Theres a london bus on the patio and the ceviche is the best thing ever. In one week, we went here probably 6-7 times. It's the best.

Callipyso Grill: This if ff West Bay, so its about a 15 minute cab ride, but it sits right on the water and is hte most stunning view ever. I ate so much food here I thought I'd never eat again.

Casa Nova: The cutest little Italian restaurant in Georgetown. It's full of pictures of famous people. We told the guy it was our honeymoon and he brought us dessert and then joined us for shots of limoncello. The three of us got pretty drunk together, and it was awesome.

Lonestar: We were there during the NBA playoffs and honestly wanted a little America. This bar is outside and all the locals could not understand why we cared about basketball. We drank coors light outside and watch sports. It was so dang fun.

The Wharf: This place is so beautiful. Again, right on the water. If you don't eat on the water are you really in Grand Cayman? Anyways, you can feed the tarpins, which are these crazy looking fish. It was hilarious.

Happy Thursday friends. Thanks for letting me recap our wedding all while giving you some of my favorite Grand Cayman things.

Are you planning a trip soon? I highly recommend Grand Cayman. I always tell Adam, "I'm dreaming of Grand Cayman." If you've been, where do you recommend going? I love trying new spots and I cannot wait to plan our next trip back.

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