Steamboat Springs Travel Guide + Adams Birthday Weekend!

Monday, July 30, 2018

This past weekend my husband, my in-laws and I ventured up the mountains to Steamboat Springs to celebrate Adam's birthday! It's always so fun jumping in the car and driving 2 hours to an entirely new place.

Before this weekend, I'd never been to Steamboat, so I was super excited to explore and see what this mountain town has to offer. We did it all. Even at (almost) 34 weeks pregnant, I didn't let that slow me down. Sure I wasn't hiking the highest peaks, but I loved walking around the town.

Have you ever been to Steamboat? Tell me your favs!

WHAT TO DO // There is so much to do in Steamboat. From cute shops to great restaurants, I promise you won't be bored. Steamboat is the cutest cowboy mountain town, it's totally different from the other mountain towns I've been too, but its full of fun stuff.
  • Ski 
  • FM Light and Sons // It is this classic western shop with the best western gear and so many boots. I bought baby girl the cutest pink moccasins. 
  • Rodeo 
  • Farmers Market // We ventured down to the Farmers Market Saturday after brunch and it was amazing. There had to be over 150 vendors of all kinds of goods. Fresh fruit, clothing, leather goods. It was so fun perusing all the shops. 
  • Soak in the Hot Springs // I mean it' s called Steamboat Springs for a reason.
  • Mountain Tap Brewery // Can't go to a town and not visit the local brewery!
Look at that cute birthday boy. He didn't know this was being taken by the way :) 
WHERE TO STAY //  We wanted to stay all together, so we rented a VRBO, but Steamboat has a ton of darling hotels. These are some of the cutest I found:
WHERE TO EAT // I was super surprised at all the amazing restaurants Steamboat had to offer. You gotta seek them out, but they are there. These are a few of my favs.
  • Creekside Cafe // Creekside is this darling little spot for breakfast right on the creek (hence the name, obvs). I had the best oatmeal pancakes of my life. 
  • Cafe Diva // Such a delicious dinner. This place is a little fancier, but its Steamboat, so no-one looked twice at my converse.
  • Smell that bread bakery // The cutest little bakery with homemade breads, cookies and pastries. Get their early, they sell out fast! 

I dare you not to eat all the bread 
  • Truffled Pig // This restaurant is in the shops by the gondola and has the best outside patio! Make sure to get the key-lime pie!
Look at that view - the mountain isn't too shabby either :) 
Get the lemon + coconut blue crab. It'll change your life. 

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Has it hit anyone else that July is over in 5 days? 5 days people! It's almost August. 151 days until Christmas. 158 days until 2019. I haven't done a Thankful Friday in a long time and it's time. There are a lot of things going on in the world, good, bad, ugly and it's so important to look to the good. 

There are so many good things going on. But I love looking at the little things. The small things that go unnoticed but have a huge impact. Not the winning the lottery things (don't get me wrong, it'd be nice) but the little moments on a Sunday afternoon that make the week better, the text from a friend checking in, ya know the sweet stuff.

Let's take the time and be a little extra thankful today.

ONE // This weekend in Steamboat Springs. This weekend Adam and my in-laws and I are heading up to Steamboat Springs to celebrate Adam's birthday! 

TWO // My husbandIt's his birthday this weekend and I'm feeling especially grateful for my handsome devil of a hubs. 

THREE // 46 daysThe amount of days left until we meet baby girl!

FOUR // One Tree Hill. If you've been following along, you know sleep isn't coming easy to me lately. Thankfully, Hulu has One Tree Hill and it's something I've been watching late night when the whole rest of my house is asleep. 

FIVE // Amazon Prime.  Guys, I had a bit of a freakout last week when I realized we didn't have diapers or a second car seat base. Like, I have 10,000 outfits for babygirl but when she poops her pants, I was in trouble. Thankfully, Amazon Prime sends monthly diapers to me and baby girl. Thank heavens. 

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Shop: Kimi and Kai

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Pregnancy throws a lot of crazy things at ya. But, one thing I'm sure of, cute clothes make the 10 months go much faster. Kimi + Kai has some adorable clothes at great prices and they make you feel pretty when you don't always feel great.

Kimi + Kai has everything from jeans to tops to dresses, plus they have clothes for baby too!

The thing I love about this dress is it works for nursing too! It has a secret zipper perfect for those nursing sessions. They've got it all and you've gotta check them out!

I really love the lace detail on this top. It's perfect to dress up jeans.
 Plus, it super flatters the bump.
My real question is how do I pose without a bump? 

 This dress is one of my favorites. I love the grey/black combo with the lace. 
Pretty sure this was the last time I wore heels :) 

What are some of your favorite maternity brands?

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33 Week Bumpdate + 3rd Trimester Must Haves

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

I fully intended to have this post done for last week but alas, here we are. Last week I traveled for work for the last time allowed, meaning we are officially getting closer to this little babe coming home! 

7 weeks until baby and I am so ready for her to be here. Now, don't get me wrong, I have no clue what to do with her once she's here, but I'm excited for her to be here so I can start figuring it out!

The other day someone asked me how my blog is going. I honestly didn't have a great answer for them besides, pregnancy makes me so tired. I really love this space, but by the end of my work day (which is mostly spent on a computer) I really don't want to spend more time on a computer. Every once in a while I get a spurt of energy on a Sunday to blog, but it's been few and far between, so for that I apologize

I've been feeling the game of Instagram lately and taking a break has been so awesome. I started doing this because I love to blog. I do not want to be the blogger that just posts pretty pictures on Instagram. Sure that's fun, but I love having great blogs that ya'll love to read in correlation with those pretty pictures.  Every day is a work in progress people. 

We're celebrating a big milestone people! 33 weeks meaning only 49 days left! Bless. 

How far along: 33 weeks! 
Size: Baby Girl is as big as celery! My app says she's measuring between 4.2 and 5.8 pounds and between 17 and 18 inches! 
How I’m feeling: Tired with heartburn and feeling very pregnant. I think I had my first round of braxton hicks! Those are pretty dang interesting! It feels like this intense pressure that comes and goes. I haven't been sleeping great, but every other day I have a good night, so I'm learning to take the good with the bad. Also, around 30 weeks, the heartburn kicked in. Thank goodness for tums. (any other natural remedies?).
Cravings: Bubbly water and cherries!
Nursery: She has a fully prepared crib, bookcase, rocker/glider and clothes! I bought diapers this weekend so that was a huge step!  
Workouts: None, it's too dang hot!
Movement: Yes! All the time, all day long, especially at night when I lay down. She moves so much you can see her through my clothes! Adam finally felt her move too.
Things to remember: I had two amazing showers, and then my parents were in town. It was crazy when they left knowing that the next time I see them I'll be handing them their granddaughter! Adam and I are taking in this time to go on date nights at restaurants that aren't super kid friendly, getting together with our friends, running last minute errands and trying to prep ourselves for this parenting thing. I'll remember these lasts few quite moments before life gets crazy! 

This part of third trimester is definitely the hardest. I'm tired and it's getting harder to want to do things. Like getting up to do laundry requires so much more motivation and don't even get me started on cooking amazing dinners. I feel so lucky to have this little baby kicking away in my belly, I just wish TV was our daily routine :) 

In conjunction with the heartburn and the hot Denver summer, there are some things that are absolutely required to get me through these next 2 months. These are just a few of those things. 

Ps. There are affiliate links in this post. Meaning if you click and buy, I make a very small percentage at no cost to you! Thanks in advance for supporting Everyday Grace!

Heating Pad // Trust me people, this is important. My back aches a lot and laying on the couch or in bed with this on is a game changer. I especially love the hot water bottle

Ice Cream & Bahama Bucks // It's so hot and everyone deserves a treat. Bahama Bucks are my most fav.

Massage, body, feet, shoulders // Ladies, treat yourself and pay someone to get a massage. It's absolutely worth it and will make your puffy feet feel so much better. 

Face masks // Maybe its just me, but my face is so puffy so a face mask is the best treat. I love this 
Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Eye Mask

Sleep Meds // Sleep is impossible. I've been trying to not take meds, so I've been taking Calm, which is powdered magnesium and it is a miracle worker. Plus it helps with restless leg and pains in my bones. This stuff is an absolute miracle worker!

Tums  // Heartburn is a fun game and tums are a life safer. My other go-to home remedy, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with 4 ounces of water. It tastes like poison but it really helps. 

Mini-fan // It's hot. Get a fan.  

Lotion for stretch marks // I love my Bio-Oil. It's seriously the best stuff ever. 

Comfortable Shoes // I thought I could get away with wearing sandals all summer but man was I wrong. I wore some this past weekend and guys, I still have shinsplints. I suggest tennis shoes. Luckily, there are so many cute ones! I love my Allbirds and my Johnston & Murphys

Naps // I'm not a good napper. I actually hate it. But I'm learning that naps are lifesavers if I want to make it through a long day. 

A pool // Feeling weightless when I'm at my heaviest weight is heavenly. I tried for so long to get a maternity suit because I did not want to try them on. I'm so glad I finally did. I just bought a large in a normal (non-maternity) suit. These are some of my favs! 

Paleo Diet Basics for Beginners and Those Just Curious

Friday, July 20, 2018

As readers of this blog know, it’s primarily about life, love, and the Paleo diet. You’ve probably heard about this diet over the last few years because it has become a popular eating option for many. Not for vegetarians or vegans, the Paleo diet takes its cues from ancient times, when men killed their meals with clubs and drug their wives by their hair. Here is some basic info about this diet.

Basic Premise // The basic premise behind the Paleo diet is to mirror the diet our hunter-gatherer ancestors, the Paleolithic humans, had centuries ago. Rather than eat processed foods from the grocery store, cave humans gathered their foods in the wild. As such, that food was primarily meat and fish, as well as plant sources of nutrition that were not touched by anything other than nature. The reason why people believe it’s healthy to eat this way is simple. Our ancestors didn’t suffer from illness or obesity.

Many believe you can lose a tremendous amount of weight on the Paleo diet, and in some respects, it is also similar to the Atkins diet. The primary source of energy is protein, and you avoid carbohydrates and sugars like the plague. For those who keep up with diet and health news, you’ve likely heard of Author Nina Teicholz. Although she does not call out the Paleo diet specifically, Nina Teicholz does believe that meat and dairy have received a bad rap over the years and they should still be part of a healthy diet.

What You Can’t Eat // The Paleo diet is restrictive, but this isn’t a bad thing when you look at the list of foods to avoid. Those on the Paleo diet refuse foods and drinks that contain high fructose corn syrup and/or sugar in them. This includes candy, fruit juice, ice cream, pastries, sodas, and table sugar among other items. You should also avoid grains on the Paleo diet, even whole grains, and don’t even think about eating beans, lentils, or other legumes. You can have low-fat dairy items, but you should never have full-fat dairy.

Paleo dieters also avoid bad fats. No corn, cottonseed, grape seed, safflower, soybean, or sunflower oils. No hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats, including margarine and microwave popcorn among other processed foods. In fact, highly processed foods, especially those with the words “Diet” or “Low Fat” on the labels are a major no-no, as is artificial sweeteners, so it’s time to give up that diet soda habit. The bottom line is if the food is processed in a factory you shouldn’t eat it. Period.

What You Can Eat // So, what can you eat on the Paleo diet? A ton of yummy stuff, so don’t get discouraged just yet. If you are a meat eater, this diet is for you. As long as the meat is not processed, you can eat it, including beef, chicken, lamb, pork, and turkey. The Paleo diet also calls for a ton of healthy seafood, including wild-caught haddock, salmon, shellfish, shrimp, and trout among other options. You can enjoy eggs for breakfast, as these are a part of a healthy Paleo diet routine, just choose free-range ones.

Speaking of breakfast, you can enjoy an omelet and hash browns. Tuber vegetables, those are potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, and yams are allowed on the Paleo diet, as are veggies such as broccoli, carrots, kale, onions, peppers, and tomatoes. Fresh fruits are encouraged, including apples, avocados, bananas, berries, oranges, and pears, and make sure you enjoy plenty of nuts and seeds. You can cook everything in healthy oils, such as EVOO, and you can season with natural spices.

That’s it! Now you know what cannot and can eat on the Paleo diet. Good luck on your health and weight-loss goals.
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Instagram Roundup!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had the best weekend. Tomorrow, as part of my 30-week bump date, I'm sharing all the amazing details from my baby shower this past weekend! It was another dreamy weekend celebrating baby girl and I cannot wait to share the pictures!

It's been a while since I've done an Instagram Roundup and ya'll have been asking about a lot of the dresses I've been wearing during my pregnancy, so it's time ladies!

Hey, my secret to pregnancy shopping? You don't always have to buy maternity! Yes, with jeans and bras and some dresses maternity is a must. But, with dresses and tops, non-maternity is my go-to. Yes, it takes some extra trying on, but they fit better and are so many more options!

Let's get to it.

Ps. There are affiliate links in this post. Meaning if you click and buy, I make a very small percentage at no cost to you! Thanks in advance for supporting Everyday Grace!

Favorite stroller, favorite diaper bag, favorite sneakers. 

Everyone needs a letter board when you're pregnant. 

I love that so many of you LOVE Younger! This book is worth the hype! 

Already meal prepping my life away with Jo's new cookbook! 

Thank you all for your sweet words about my baby shower dress! 
Now it can be yours! And its under $35! 

Favorite sunnies, new fav sneakers. 

My one exception to the non-maternity clothes rule. Gap always wins.
I couldn't find the exact dress, but linked a very similar one! 
When I'm no longer pregnant, how ever will I pose?
You guys have LOVED these sandals and who can blame you? They're Target! 

You guys loved this dress the MOST last year!
It's true, I love Sundays.

My favorite preggers shirt. 

Whew, that was a lot! If you made it all the way through, you deserve to do some shopping! I promise not to wait so long to do another Insta Update! Happy Monday friends!

Ps. Aren't Holiday weeks the best! Two work days and then a day off! Happy almost 4th of July!

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