About Me

Welcome to Everyday Grace! 

I hope you find something here that encourages you. On this blog you'll find a mix of my everyday life, motherhood, mom fashion, my life with my husband, our 2 daughters, and me, a 33 year old trying to navigate motherhood. 

The important things: 
  1. I'm a wife to the best human on the planet, Adam. 
  2. Mama to Quinn (2 1/2) and Lucy (7 1/2 months!! 
  3. We have the cutest dogs in the world, Henry and Lola. 
  4. I love reality TV, summer beach reads, the Denver Broncos, wine and living in Denver. 
  5. I was born in Denver, raised in Scottsdale, went to college in Malibu, law school in Omaha and live in Denver. 
  6. I'm here to find community, friends and a place to be honest. Wanna be BFF's? Let's chat -  email me at theeverydaygrace@gmail.com or you can follow me on Instagram. It's where all the good stuff happens. 
Wanna dig even deeper? This is the long and short of why I blog. 
I started this blog Monday, August 4, 2008. I was just about to embark on my senior year in college and needed something that meant something. I was in this weird place in my life, figuring things out, messing out, falling down, picking myself up and continuing on. Blogging just felt right, a release to express my feelings.
Why is this blog called Everyday Grace? 
To me, grace is the biggest scandal this world has ever known. It is the ultimate gift, the finished work on the cross while I deserve nothing. Beth Moore sums it up perfectly, "Grace is the eye popping, knee dropping, earth quaking, pride breaking, dark stabbing, heart grabbing, friend mending, mind bending, lame walking, mute talking, slave freeing, evil fleeing, death tolling, stone rolling, veil tearing, glory flaring, chin lifting, sin sifting, dirt bleaching, world reaching, past covering, spirit hovering, child defending, happy ending, heaven glancing, feet dancing, power of the Cross. 
What happens here?  
This is where I write. This is where I sit down, and open my heart. This is where I write things too hard to speak aloud. This is where I try and find the feeling of prickled skin. This is where I turn the music up. This is where I tell you my dreams. This is where I tell the truth. This is where I tell you all that I know. This is where I cry. This is where I reassure you and tell you that it’ll be ok. This is the sign you’ve been looking for. This is where the wind blows. You were meant to read these words. This is the mulberry bush. And around and around we go, together.
My blog has always been this amazingly honest and raw place where I go when I need to share my life. It's been a huge part of my life and I hope you enjoy it. If you find one thing that inspires you, challenges you or encourages you then I feel like this blog is a success.

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  1. Oh my I just saw your dogs name and that is the most perfect dog name for that cute little fluff ball!!! One day my fiance will let me get one as tiny as yours! We have a 17lb beagle mix and he is wanting a hunting dog :/ :/ but I just want a little ball of fluff dog!!