An Inside Look at Freebird Shoes

June 17, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! If Friday's aren't already the best day, today is my favorite blog & subject -- shoes.

My blogging dreams have officially come true.

I got an email to come visit a shoe store, try them on and take them home. Here's my disclosure that I was given shoes, but not just any shoes, Freebird shoes. She didn't ask me to write a post, post it on Instagram or anything like that, but I LOVE these shoes so much, I'm doing it. You all need to know about these shoes.

PS this is my first "fashion" post, so bare with me peeps.

Freebird was started by a man named Mike who used to work for Steve Madden. Realizing that his brand, Freebird, was a hit, he ventured on his own. Cue the Colorado ties, Mike made his way to Denver to curate the most beautiful, handmade leather shoes and boots around.

Freebird has been selling at places you might recognize like Nordstrom, Revolve, Zappos, Shopbop and Buckle, just to name a few. It was a few years ago when Mike decided to try his hand at retail. Reaching out to his good friend Steve, he asked if he could sell Freebird in the Steve Madden retail shops.

Here's where I came in. I visited the "Steve Madden" Freebird store in Cherry Creek Mall. I have to admit, I had never heard of Freebird before this day. I figured they would be like Steve Madden shoes, which are great, but I haven't worn in a while. But when I walked in, I knew I needed to know them and needed their shoes.

Freebird creates handmade, hand crafted, gorgeous leather boots, sandals, shoes, mules, booties and some bags. Each one is hand done. How amazing is that. Their goal is to recreate the retail shopping experience. Great customer service, great shoes (that last!) and just an overall great feeling when you leave the store, dying to come back. I still haven't told Adam, but we're going back tomorrow so I can get the pair of mules I was drooling over.

Shoes: Bambi (linked similar) Shirt: Madewell, Jeans: Madewell
Watch: Michele, Cuff: David Yurman

Oh, hey men out there, they do your shoes too and they're incredible. Adam, I know what I'm getting you for the next couple birthdays! Let's look at some pictures, shall we?

The best part about this day, besides the gorgeous shoes, was meeting two really amazing Denver bloggers. This blogging community is such an amazing group of woman and I love getting to know more!

Shoes: Bambi (linked similar) Shirt: Madewell, Jeans: Madewell
Watch: MichelleCuff: David Yurman

Make sure you follow these lovely ladies! 

Courtney // Blog // Instagram // Facebook  // Twitter 
Channing // Blog // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

Make sure to stay in touch because we have some really cool things coming up with Freebird. And, if you're in the Denver area make sure to check out the stores in Cherry Creek or the Flatirons. Or, if not, go online. People, you will not regret the money spent on these shoes. 

Okay, let's get one more closeup on the shoes. 

Jeans: Madewell, Shoes: Freebird (linked similar) 

Have you guys purchased Freebird shoes before? What pair do you own? 

Happy Friday everyone!
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  1. The shoes go great with what you wore to the store which is super cute too!

  2. Such fun shoes :) love them.

    xoxo, Jenny

  3. Those are truly awesome-looking shoes! I hadn't heard of the Freebird brand before, but now thanks to you it's on my radar. I love shopping and keeping up with new styles. :-)

  4. I've never heard of them before, but oh my gosh I love those first pair of booties!

  5. Ahhh this was so fun!!! Hope you have gone back to get the mules!



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  21. What a delightful read! This blog post combines two of life's greatest pleasures: Fridays and shoes! The author's genuine excitement about Freebird shoes is infectious. From the backstory behind the brand to the meticulous craftsmanship, it's evident that these shoes are more than just footwear; they're a statement of quality and style. The sense of community, meeting fellow Denver bloggers, and sharing the love for Freebird shoes adds an extra layer of charm to the article. Overall, it's a delightful blend of personal experience, fashion insights, and genuine enthusiasm for a brand worth celebrating. Now, excuse me while I go browse Freebird's online store—my shoe collection is about to get a stylish upgrade!


I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen