My big, muddy rut.

November 5, 2009

So, I've been in a rut, a big muddy rut. Can't get out, don't really want too, don't really know how. But regardless of it all, I've been in a bit of a sad, rundown, filthy rut. But yesterday all that changed with my daily visit to Starbucks. Who knew that while I was saving Starbucks during this economic mess that they would save me as well. I've decided that mornings are the best time for people watching. Take yesterday morning for example. My usual pre-work Starbucks is packed with a very unusual crowd of people. Take this one man- with flat-ironed hair down to his butt. He was sitting in the big lounge chair right as you walk in, dressed in a fancy button down shirt, nice jeans and his cowboy boots. He looks at everyone who walks in as if they're his long lost love and he greets everyone with a big smile and a hello as if he owns the place. Then there's the girl that refuses to believe it's November and still 95 degrees outside dressed in slacks, a long sleeve shirt and a huge scarf. Lady, it's 915am and 80 degrees out, it's not getting any colder today. But the best had to be the lady behind me in line humming, louder than the jazz music blasting throughout the store, 'Black Eyed Peas - Tonight's gonna be a good night.' Humming with wide-eyed abandon, occasionally swinging her arms side to side. It was fantastic. After all that craziness at 9am I realized something. This morning made me realize that happiness comes in all forms and sometimes all you have to do to find it, is open your eyes and look around. We're constantly surrounded by amazing, inspiring and sometimes crazy things, people and situations. Just look around - look hard, don't stop till you find it. It'll be there, it might not be as you imagined, but it will be there. So thank you urban cowboy, snow-bunny-wanna-be, and the next Mariah Carey - you pulled me out of my rut. This morning, you saved me.



  2. This made me so happy! I went to Starbee's the other day too and it just started my day with joy. Kristen, you are in my prayers.


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