The adventures of me.

September 13, 2010

So one of the reasons I was so excited/nervous to move to Nebraska was the change of scenary and weather, and once you all come visit me, you'll soon realize that this is a different world. Today, I had my first tornado warning since I've moved here. I always imagined what this would be like. I pictured that scene in Twister (yes, the 1996 movie staring Helen Hunt, where'd she go anyways?) where Helen Hunt is holding on to the water pipe in that old barn when the entire house gets ripped away around her and all that's left is her and Bill Paxton. I also pictured in Wizard of Oz when the house spins up into the tornado. Well, for everyone who doesnt know what a tornado is, its dark, rainy and wind stronger than anything I've ever felt. So, when I woke up this morning with the sun shining and the birds chirping, I was not expecting a late afternoon tornado.  There I was minding my business studying Constitutional Law, when Sarah texts me explaining that there's a tornado warning and if I hear the 'siren' not to get too freaked out. Yes people, theres a siren that alerts the entire town that in any minute everything as we know it will be sucked up into the sky. So, I drove home at 5 (don't worry dad, the new car handled like a charm), in the pitch black, while it was pouring rain (thanks for the carwash God!), with lightening every 7 seconds but have no fear I made it home. But with that came the biggest task of them all, getting Henry to go potty, in the rain, and wind. I can barely get him to go potty on a normal day let alone in conditions comparable to hell. After putting on his sweater, my uggs, and an umbrella we made the trek downstairs to start the impossible challenge. 10 minutes later and a sogging wet dog we retreated back upstairs.
(real life picture taken by me!)

(Henry and his 'potty pad')
My first thought was, "good thing I have a potty pad that looks like fake grass and smells like plastic- he'll for sure go on that!" He hasn't peed on it yet, but I did get him to sit on it, I guess the rug in the guest bathroom will have to do for dire circumstances like these, at least for now. But people, readers of this blog, scared family members, I survived, despite the thoughts of most. So many of you must be wondering what does a west coast girl like myself do then? I made coffee and tomato soup and I'm going to curl up to the computer and do some Contract law homework. I guess this is just all part of the adventures of a west coast girl living and learning in the midwest! 


  1. awww you're so cute kristen! i'm glad you're okay and i hope you're having fun :) miss you!

  2. You should turn your adventures in law school into a book!!

  3. I agree about writing a book! You've kept a journal for so many years filled with funny stories-you should !


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