May 4, 2011

I was really grumpy today after my torts final. 4 finals down, 1 to go and I'm exhausted. For some reason this semesters finals have been super tough. Mentally, physically, everything. They really suck. So, today when I got home from my final, what did I do to get out of my slump? I took Henry for a walk, painted my nails, watched American Idol, had a beer and skyped with Coti and Natalia. They knew what to say, what jokes to tell and exactly what to say to make my finals weeks grumpiness go away. So, thanks you two, you pulled me out of my slump. Now it's time to go, study for Con Law, and finish this week out. I'm ready to be done with my first year, I'm ready to be a 2L. Let's do it. 
"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." 2 Timothy 4:7
Coti and I
Natalia and I


  1. Seriously you have some wonderful and cute friends. Sometimes all you need is a little down time and some great girl talk. You are doing GREAT. You are a inspiration to all those around you. Keep it up one left.

  2. Glad to hear Coti and Natalia were there when you needed to chat!

  3. You are right, At times friends make the best stress busters.

    Btw never seen 2 Timothy 4:7 being quoted for a semester exam :-) that’s a novelty for me


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