The Challenge - Day 1

August 15, 2011

Lately, I have had nothing to blog about... summers coming to an end, schools about to start and there's just not a whole lot going on. So, to break up the monotony I decided to do a blog challenge. Yes, yes... I know, I never even finished that previous one, but this is only a 10 day. I found it over at (check her out). I'm going to start at 10 and work down... so, here's to doing (and finishing) this challenge.
ten secrets. 

[one] I miss Arizona more every day.
[two] Ice cream is my favorite food group.
[three] I'm terrified of the dark.
[four] I'm addicted to my DVR.
[five] I have over 70 pictures of my dog on my iPhone.
[six] I love doing laundry.
[seven] I'm an expert at Tetris.
[eight] I can't wait to be a mom
[nine] My dream job is to be a professional singer. I'm tone deaf. 
[ten] I'm addicted to online shopping. 

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