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September 22, 2011

Apparently it's celebrate "how cool your parents are" day, because I have yet another post about parents, this time my mama. This week has absolutely sucked. Between our huge brief that's due today at 1, to attempting to keeping up with class work, and then on top of that not getting to spend any time with my boyfriend or my friends, I'm so ready for the weekend. But, like always, my mom knows what I need, even though I didn't tell her. I'm sitting in the cold, dreary library attempting to finish my homework before class, I got an email from my mom, with one of her "paintings" as she calls them. Pretty cool iPhone app if you ask me. It made me smile and laugh a little, and reminded me that in the midst of law school bull****, there are people pulling for you, cheering you on, reminding you that this isn't it. Things will ease up and straighten out. So, mom, thanks for pulling me out of my grumpy, law school mood. I love you :)

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