January 6, 2012

Starting [right now] I will be celebrating my future sister-in-law by drinking too much, dancing too much and taking toooo many pictures at her bachelorette party in Vegas. I'm so blessed by Camila and the joy she brings into my brother and my family's lives. She has become my 2nd big sister and I'm not sure where'd I'd be without her place in my life. I'm so happy God decided to bring her into our lives, because while she's brought happiness into my brothers life, she's brought just as much happiness and love into mine. Welcome [almost] legally to the family Camila, I can't wait to have another sister. Let's party :)


  1. Hope you had a wonderful time in Vegas! Congrats to your brother and future sister-in-law!


  2. what a great photo of you two! :)


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