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June 21, 2013

19 Reasons to Tell Someone You Love Them: By Sophie Martin 
1. The best part of being with someone you care about is knowing that they know how important they really are.
2. There is no reason to be afraid of loving someone, because the worst thing you can face is rejection, which is nothing compared to being the kind of person who never tells anyone how they really feel.
3. Even when someone rejects you, you are still gaining something from being a more compassionate, open and honest person.
4. We all know how it feels when you are waiting for someone to tell you-there is no reason to inflict that torture on someone else
5. There is no such thing as gender norms, anyone can say that they love someone first, and it doesn't make you a "pussy" or "too mail" for not following the right order.
6. If someone is making you happy enough to feel that you love them, they deserve to know all the good that they are doing.
7. A lot of the time we think that telling a friend we love them would be weird or creepy, but thats only because society has a lot of stupid rules about platonic love. Friend love is one of the greatest emotions in the whole world.
8. Your family. The people who raised you- only want to hear how important they are and how much you care. There is no reason not to repay them with your affection.
9. The older we get, the more clear it becomes that loving and being loved are the only really important things in life. The rest is kind of just filler.
10. We never hear enough how much we make life worth living for other people, and letting someone know is one of the greatest gifts we can give to them.
11. There are a million ways to tell someone that you love them. You can write them a letter if you are too nervous to say it face-to-face, and it will be something that they can keep with them for the rest of their lives.
12. We often leave relationships wondering if we were ever really loved at all, and it's a terrible feeling. You can stop that kind of pain in your own relationship if you want to.
13. The world will never lose its meaning if you always say it with as much emotion and honesty behind it as the first time (if not more).
14. It's easy to forget with someone you have been with for a long time - friend, partner, or otherwise - that they are the one of the best parts of your life. It's important to tell them.
15. We love people for a million reasons, and it's important that we start making it okay to tell people who you love for more unconventional reasons that they matter just as much.
16. Sometimes we are trapped in tough situations and we know that there is only one person we can call and that person needs to know that you love them. Seriously.
17. You're really, really drunk.
18. The one thing we remember with people we are years and years with is how much we loved them and how loved they made us feel. It should be as big a part of your time together as possible.
19. We all know at least one person who we wanted to tell, who we told ourselves over and over again would always be around and who eventually disappeared from our lives before we go to say how we really felt. 

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  1. I love number seven! & I miss you!! Let us know whenever you come to LA!

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