Fried Plantains

April 23, 2015

I've told you I love Lexi's Clean Kitchen... but did I tell you how much? Well I think recipe #2 in one week from her blog has to be some indication. Introducing fried plantains. I've never made these before so I was kind of hesitant. Everyone just kept telling me they're like bananas, so I thought, why would I want to make fried "bananas." Well, Adam has officially burned out on sweet potatoes, so I needed something else to make as a "carby" side. News flash, fried plantains are delicious and I'll totally be making them again! Plus, they're super easy to make. Enjoy everyone! 

  • 2 yellow plantains
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • Sea salt
  • Cinnamon 
How to Make: 
  1. Cut plantains into desired pieces. (Next time I'll be cutting mine thinner) 
  2. Heat oil in your skillet until hot. 
  3. Place cut plantains into the skillet
  4. Flip after 4-5 minutes
  5. Remove, transfer to plate with paper towels and pat dry.
  6. Add salt. (I kept the cinnamon on the side, Adam wasn't too interested it in)
  7. Enjoy! 
so, you're right... it totally looks like a banana. 
the thicker cut plantains took longer to fry so next time I'll totally cut them thinner. 
on their way to deliciousness. 
fried and delicious. enjoy!


  1. Thank you for sharing! One of my favorite snacks is fried plantains and salsa:)

  2. Oooo... Yum!!!! Now I really want to make some!!!! <3

  3. Love fried plantains...we had them on our honeymoon almost 17 years ago. But I've never made them. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Yum!! So quick and easy - my kinda snack :)

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