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October 23, 2017

Last weekend I spent the entire weekend going through boxes my parents brought from their house full of all my childhood belongings. We are talking notes from high school boyfriends, my letterman jacket, tennis trophies, diaries and tons and tons of picture albums.

I have over probably 30 photo albums dating from 6th grade through college. I was that girl at parties. I always had my mini-canon camera hanging around my wrist. Trust me, what happened in high school didn't stay in high-school and I've got the pictures to tell any story you wanna hear.

To me, that is the problem with iPhones and everything being digital. I haven't printed a photo in at least the last year. The last time I vividly remember printing photos was after our wedding. I crave holding pictures in my hand and framing them all over my house. My kids are gonna think life ended after college because I have no more photos to show them.

This is where Printiki comes in. The easiest way possible to print Instagram photos. I am absolutely hooked. You go to Printiki, login in to your Instagram and them boom, select any photos you've posted and print. You can add borders, make them matte, glossy, create books, prints whatever you choose. The best part, in less than a week you have your amazing Insta photos in your hand and ready to share.

I am seriously obsessed with my prints. I've already sent some to friends, hung them at work, posted them at home. I'm starting to feel like my high school self all over again.

The best part, today (and whenever) you get free shipping on any order! Use the code:
WJYF9E2A at checkout on any order and boom, great photos and free shipping. 

I'm so excited for your guys to try out Printiki. you'll be absolutely amazing with the convenience and ease of the site. Just remember guys, christmas is quickly approaching and what do moms love more than photos? 

Now, normally I would never tell you to leave my site, but head over to Printiki and get printing.  Happy Monday friends! 

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  1. I have the same problem with today's technology that I cannot feel the picture evidence in my hands like the old days. But I have HP polaroid printer for it now.


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