Quinn Grace: 10 Months

July 11, 2019

Quinn is TEN months old! DOUBLE DIGITS. Don't mind me, I'll just be over here crying and looking at videos of my baby, because now she is a big girl.

Cheers to my 10-month old babe. The last 10 months have honestly been the sweetest of my life. Albeit challenging at times, being Quinnie's mom is the best thing in the entire world. She is happy, sweet, loving, cuddly, spicy, and so dang cute.

Size: At our 9-month appointment, she was 20.4 pounds (88%), 28 inches long (86%), and 19 inches head (97%!)

  • Crawling! GF is on the move and loves it. She is all over our house.
  • Lola and Henry
  • Her sippy cup
  • Blowing kisses to anyone and everyone 
  • Big kids - even if they are only a little bit older, she is in awe of big kids
  • Her Zebra walker.
  • Her elephant lovey - and honestly, i love it too. It's so cute and soft. She can't sleep without it.
  • Waiving to everyone. She now says hi and bye too!
  • Her Hug-a-Bible 
  • Walks. We go on a long walk every day and it's her favorite time of day.
  • Clapping and yelling yayyyyy! 
  • The bath. If we let her, she would stay in the bath forever.
  • Hats
  • Splash day. At school, they put her under a sprinkler haha and she hates it. (I don't blame her, I hate getting splashed too).
Thats about it -- gf loves pretty much anything! 

  • Crawling! 
  • Pulling herself up on everything! 
  • Pneumonia! So sad. 
  • First Father's Day!
  • Moms first birthday with a baby!
  • Lake Okoboji with our best friends.
  • First Fourth of July!
  • Saying hi and bye
Current Routine & Sleep: 
  • 7am: Up and nurse
  • 745am: Breakfast and play
  • 9am: Nap
  • 11am: Nurse 
  • 12pm: Lunch and play!
  • 2pm: Nap
  • 3pm: Big snack (We just weened this nursing! Cue the tears!) 
  • 5pm: Mini-nap
  • 6pm: Dinner
  • 7pm: Bath, nurse and bed
Things to Remember:
  • How much she loves her dad. Whenever we are all home together, she is all about him. Their bond is the most precious thing in the world. 
  • Her crawling and exploring her world. She is so curious. 
  • Her giggle. When the dogs lick her, when we play peek-a-boo, when you tickle her, basically anything. 
  • Her wink. 
  • She claps and says "yayyyyyy" - she's cheering for herself. I hope she always has that attitude.
Q baby is honestly the best. She's the happiest, sweetest little girl. Each day with her is better than the last. We go to Tahoe next week and I cannot wait to show her my favorite place in the world.

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