Episode 59: Sex and the City Creator Candace Bushnell

June 16, 2020

On Episode 59 of This Girl Life, Kristen and Whitney sit down with renowned author Candace Bushnell. Candace turned her Sex and the City, New York Observer column in the cult classic we all know today. She is a best-selling author and producer, creating other shows such as Lipstick Jungle and the Carrie Diaries. We talk with Candace about her life in NYC, writing and creating Sex and the City, the TV process, her two newest books, Is There Still Sex in the City and Rules for Being a Girl, and some inside scoop on all things Carrie, Big, and Aiden.

Join us as we talk to Candace, the creator of a show that defined our generation (or at least it did for us!).

Listen to our episode here:

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