The disappearing sun.

December 14, 2008

Today I had the best run ever. It was around 5pm, just as the sun was setting behind Mummy Mountain and I was running, sometimes sprinting, sometimes walking, but none the less, running. It was one of the most clarifying runs I’ve had in a while. I rocked out to the classics, Carrie Underwood, some Beyonce and a little Britney Spears of course, and I was making the trek (or fast paced walk) up the mountain, good old Iron and Wine came on. And as i got to the top of the mountain and looked out over the valley, the song was in full swing, and it was one of the best alone moments I’ve had.

Have I found you?
Flightless bird, brown hair bleeding
Or lost you?

I was looking out over the valley, watching as the sun set and I realized that Arizona is the most beautiful place ever. The sky was this mix of burgundy and hot pink, with the 4 peaks a deep blue and I watched as all the houses below simultaneously start turning on their lights. There was this big mansion I was standing close to, and i saw this little girl, with this wide-eyed excitement, turn on her Christmas tree, only to stand back and admire the lights. I know it doesn’t mean much, but it was one of the coolest moments.

It made me realize that sometimes all you need is another perspective. From the top of the mountain the entire city was so beautiful, and innocent, just like the little girl. The top of the houses reflected what was left of the disappearing sun, as the shadows cast the most beautiful glow on the mountainsides. Earlier, I was driving around, Scottsdale road and camelback, frustrated with the city, it was just so busy and everyone was out for themselves. But standing alone, i had another view of my hometown.

Sometimes it takes a birdseye view to get another look, to see the bigger picture. Maybe we get so drown down in our own world, and our teeny tiny bubble that we forget that there’s another perspective, another view. We (or should I say I) sometimes forget that this world is so much bigger than my own imagination. That the way I see things, and the way i deal with things isn’t always the best. That maybe, just maybe, if I take time to look at things from another view, I’ll see that my busy, mean world, isn’t always, and that things aren’t always are as they seem. Sometimes we need to see the city lights in order to see the beauty, and sometimes we need to see the sunset to remember that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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