80 miles per hour

February 24, 2009

I was driving on the freeway last night on my way to pick up Kate and I was making the bend onto the 405 South when I realized it was such a fantastic view. It was this spiral effect with red and white lights. Take away all the angry faces and cigarette butts and it was a spectacular view. Then it hit me, ya know that trust you get when you’re driving on the freeway? It’s that fast paced 80 miles per hour trust.

Last night I didn’t know a soul on the freeway, but I drove with an unknowing trust that I don’t give to many people, and it worked. We all went along with no stops or accidents and maybe that’s how we should live our life. I’m not saying we should walk around trusting everyone and everything that passes us by. But on the flip side maybe keeping our guard up against everything is not the right way either. Maybe it’s all about finding the happy medium between living with unknown trust and protecting yourself against the unknown, maybe it’s about that 80 mile per hour trust that we need in our lives.

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