The biggest risk of all.

February 14, 2009

Why on this day of celebrating love, do so many of us call it Singles-Awareness day? Is it the pessimism of the idea of love? Or maybe that it’s the fact that it’s an entire day celebrating the idea that we’re (or I’m) alone. It’s hard because I genuinely believe that everyone looks for love, they crave it, they want to be in love and experience it whole heatedly, but yet on a day centered around love, we seem to reject it.

Yet, I had an idea. Maybe it’s not the love part that we’re rejecting, but it’s that we didn’t chose to take a risk and love. Have you ever been in that place where you have two paths? You could chose to take a risk and try out something, or because of past failures, we pass, potentially passing on something great. They say that there are two kinds of love; there’s good love and then there’s great love -the kind that awakens the soul. Maybe so many people are pessimistic about this great day is because they’re realizing they passed up great love.

So on this day, you read something that moved you and made you realise there were no more fears to fear. That is is time to take risks. No tears to cry, because we’ve finally accepted love. No head to hang in shame, because regardless of if we celebrate this day alone or with someone, we can still find the meaning in it. It was all just in your head and really, they (or someone) love you with all their heart and nothing will ever change that. That everyone and everything lives on inside you. That that doesn’t make any of it any less real.

So, if I’m alone or with something else, this day is about celebrating the possibility of love. The fact that at the end of the day it’s all we have. We can’t be afraid anymore. Its about taking the risk of love. Maybe that is what celebrating Valentines Day is really all about.

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