long distance.

February 2, 2010

What is long distance? Besides the dictionary definition of it, what does it really mean?

Long distance: the act of being far away? Does this definition apply to the heart? Hasn’t it been said that you are where your heart is and that as long as your confident in that, nothing is long distance? Why do we do it? Because we cant find anyone better where we’re located or is it because we’re so infatuated with that person that we are willing. From my experience, long distance makes everything harder. It kind of sucks. It scares me. Again Carly subtlying gave me a little nugget of wisdom - why do we fear? At the end of the day, fear isn't going to get us anywhere. Sometimes we just have to fall, and hope that they'll catch us. But some time one side wants to commit, the other doesn’t, one sacrifices, one doesn’t. So, my question is why, why do we/I do it? Is it to give us some satisfaction that someone somewhere wants us? That even though we don’t see them daily that someone wants us every once in a while? I’m not sure why. I wish I knew, and I wish I knew a way to make it easier. So here’s my definition, the only thing I know. Sometimes someone comes along and they knock us off our feet. They take away the walls you took so long to build up. They break the boundaries. They get under your skin, in a good way, and prove that not everyone sucks. And, to me, when you find that, it’s worth being miles away from. It’s worth the wonder and the questioning and the occasional doubt. So here's to falling, fearless - Because in those weekends or days or hours the two are together, everything seems right, everything is okay, everything is safe.

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  1. oh man... i can tell you a little something about long distance ;) ha.


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