I got rejected.

March 27, 2010

I got rejected yesterday. I got rejected by two law schools that I had high hopes of one day attending. It was my first rejection in this big crazy mess that I'm attempting to call law school. I failed. To say I wasn't upset would be lying, but instead of that deep sadness I thought rejection would bring, it actually encouraged me. (weird, I know.) It made me want this more, it made me fully realize that this isn't a walk in the park. It made me want to chase this goal of mine with even more vengeance. I realized that this is ultimately what I want to do, nothing else, nothing more. I want to be a lawyer, and even though I've been initially rejected, someone, some school out there wants me. So, keep your fingers crossed (I sure am) because one day, hopefully May 2013, I'll be walking across another stage, with another degree, ready to take on this world.

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  1. You might have been rejected but it's their loss!! You will make a great lawyer one day (and such a cute one!).


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