Change is inevitable.

April 20, 2010

Some things never change, but some things change completely. For Lauren and I, almost everything as we know it has changed. We're unsure about where we stand at this point in our lives, 22 (and 23) college graduates unsure of whats next. But since 1st grade, everything for Lauren and I have been the same. SCA, Scottsdale, weekend sleepovers. No change in routine, best friends through and through. But in the last five years everything has changed. She moved to Waco, Atlanta and San Antonio. I moved to Malibu, Boston and back to Scottsdale. She has a career job and I have just a job job. Things have changed. But in this messy time of unsure thoughts, insecurities and change, one things always remains constant, us. Lauren's friendship is one of the most consistent relationships I have. It's one that isn't high maintenance, it doesn't require constant work. I'm never worried about where I stand with her, it's not hard work. Friendships, especially best friendships should not require hard work. She constantly encourages me, challenges me and loves me. She doesn't make me feel insignificant. She's real. So while everything around me is changing, and nothings ever the same, Lauren remains the same in my life. She will always be my constant in a world of change and that is one thing I'm completely sure of. 

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