Fall is here.

October 3, 2010

Fall is finally here and everyone is raving about it. From 'tweets' about pumpkin spice lattes, to facebook pictures of orange leaves, everyone is feeling the change in seasons. I didn't really understand what fall meant until I moved to the midwest. Leaves actually do change here, and that cool, crisp air that everyone talks about... well guess what? It really does exist. It's almost as if with all these changes comes the sense that something really big is coming. It doesn't have to be anything in particular, but it's the endless possibilities that excite me. This year seems to be the year of endless possibilities: acceptance to law school, the chance to move on, a new city, a new apartment and new friends. It's this feeling that nothing can stop me. I'm in the school where brilliant people surround me. I've never been the brilliant one... I've been the outgoing one, the friend, the sorority girl, the girlfriend, but never the brilliant one. But when October 1st hit and that cool breeze hit my face, I felt the possibilities hit me as well. I could be one of those people. I could be the smart one, I am the possibility. So, fall is here people, along with the notion that something big is happening. The possibilities are out there. So, it's time to trade out those bikinis for a nice cozy sweater, start sipping red wine instead of white and start believing in it all. I'm falling in love with Omaha day after day and this past weekend I was blessed to share it with my new friends. My biggest fear moving to Omaha was that I would stick out like a sore thumb, be the weird new girl thats never lived through a 'real winter' and have no friends. All my Zona friends tired to convince me that I'd have friends, but I wasn't so sure. But this weekend I basked in the joy that are my new friends. Even though I am the weird girl that doesn't know winter, I have friends here that are helping me with that. They're my Omaha blessings and they don't even know. They make my Arizona homesickness a little less, and I'm reveling in the possibilites and joys of these new friendships.
[Weekend recap]
The girls at Lyndsey's Birthday Party. 
Drinks at Blue. 
My Kappa sister in Omaha
Study buddies & confidants. 

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