Happy Thanksgiving - So many thanks.

November 29, 2011

It's been a whirlwind of a week to say the least. Last week at this time I was arriving at home in Arizona to a toasty 80 degrees and spent the following four days basking in the sunshine with my beautiful family and friends. Thanksgiving was so wonderful as always as we celebrated with our newly extended family. It's so wonderful to watch our family and Camila's family join together and celebrate. It was such a blessed day. Friday, I got to have lunch with some girlfriends from high school and celebrate the birth of Shalyn's baby girl, London. Saturday, I was on my way home to Omaha to prepare for three tough weeks of finals prep and finals. After a wonderful Monday yesterday, I'm finally ready for this semester to be over. I can't wait till Friday after finals when I can have a glass of champagne and toast to a semester well done. Keep up the good work everyone, it will be worth it when we make it, we're almost half way!
Shae, London, me, Whitney, Mel, Kate & Coti
Another one of my mom's lovely paintings :)


  1. love your mom's diff paintings - haha i've seen a few now

  2. Love Your Mama's Art. Seriously. Also love/jealous of the sunshine in your picture!!! We're almost done with this semester...yahhhhhhh!!!


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