26 More of Life's Little Pleasures.

August 29, 2012

If you've never read Thought Catalog before, I highly suggest you do. It's a compilation of writers who write about everything; from political satire, to perfect first dates to best movies of the 80's. I usually love every post on there, but this is one of my favorites, Click Here. It's called 26 More of Life's Little Pleasures. Per usual, gaining inspiration from everywhere, I thought I'd write my own 26 More of Life's Little Pleasures. It's kind of like my happy post...but different. Enjoy. I'm gonna steal one from 'them' because I just love it, and it's my blog, and I do what I want :)

1. First kisses that you know will be your last, first kiss.
2. Stretching out in bed and finding the 'cold' spot.
3. Licking your fingers after popcorn. Mmmm salty buttery goodness.
4. Puppy kisses.
5. Checking everything off your To-Do list.
6. Pushing the elevator button and having it already on your floor.
7. A stranger in line who buys your coffee.
8. Freshly vacuumed carpet.
9. Payday Friday.
10. The feeling you get when you take your heels off.
11. The smell of a Sharpie.
12. Knowing that Friends is on, every night, for two hours.
13. The smell of rain.
14. Choosing the fastest line at the grocery store.
15. Having perfect change.
16. When someone lets your cut in front of them in line.
17. How quiet the world is after a fresh snow.
18. How we get two 11:11's every day.
19. Looking at your calendar and finding you have nothing to do today.
20. Finding the closest parking spot at the mall.
21. Finishing a good book, and rejoicing that it's a sequel.
22. Orange, red and yellow leaves.
23. Finding one more diet coke in the back of your fridge.
24. The bartender giving your happy hour prices even after happy hour is over.
25. The sweat after hot yoga.
26. When your iTunes shuffle knows just what you want to listen too.

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