Things to be happy about.

August 3, 2012

One of my favorite personal blog posts is the one entitled "Things to be Happy About." I wrote this post right after I graduated college, was living at home, just got my LSAT scores back and was trying to figure out my life. I was apprehensive about where my life was going, whether or not law school was a good choice for me, and basically just reconsidering a lot of things. I stumbled upon a website and it talks about everything you're happy about. It was a pick me up when I didn't even know I needed one. And it made me appreciate the every day things that I so often take for granted. So, here I am, 2 weeks away from starting my third year in law school. For the last two years, my life has been figured out. Law school, law school, law school. Now, starting this year, I have to re-figure parts of my life out. Where is life after law school? What kind of law? I'm going to be 26 when I graduate, where does that leave me? Where am I going to get a job? All those questions can really bog you down, so I think it's important to go back to the things that make me happy. So, here it is, my list of everything I'm happy about. 

50 things..... in no particular order.
1. Law School: Even though I hate it at times, I love it all the same. 
2. My mom & dad. They just celebrated 40 years together and are the best example of true love. 
3. My brother & my sister, Camila. They just celebrated 3 months married. They are another great example of true love. 
4. Erin. My heart. My sister. 
5. Adam. My one true (human) love. 
6. Henry My one true (animal) love. 
7. Coti & Whitney. My best friends, my security, my persons. 
8. Britt, Lynds and Lys. My law school life savers, wine drinkers, bachelor watchers and study buddies.
9. My apartment. The first place I lived alone and really made home. 
10. My job. Even though its the hardest job I've ever had, its the most rewarding.
11. My iPhone. I know, that's cray, but I really love it. 
12. Summer reading. 
13. The Olympics. Besides the fact that I love the National Anthem more than anything, there's Ryan Lockte. Need I say more? 
14. My steamer. I just got it. It's way better than an iron, and I love it. 
15. My God. Forgiving, loving, strong, adoring, faithful and always there. 
16. Friday-nights watching TV with Adam. Best part of my week. 
17. Wine. Red wine, white wine, I don't discriminate. 
18. Arizona, my home. 
19. Carrie Underwood's Blown Away album. She speaks to me. 
20. Henry kisses. 
21. A good pair of flats. 
22. Watching Adam cook. 
23. Double dinner dates. 
24. The Denver Broncos. 
25. The strength of the human heart. 
26. Blogging on a Friday afternoon. 
27. My personal "K" coffee mug. (see photo below) 
28. The paintings my mom paints for my apartment. 
29. My dad's emails. 
30. This lyric from Ho Hey by the Lumineers, "I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart."
31. My brother's sarcasm. 
32. Erin's hugs.
33. Netflix. 
34. My family in Omaha. 
35. Free speech.
36. The smell of my dad's cigars. 
37. My middle name, Grace. For everything she was and for everything it stands for. 
38. The wonderful memories of my grandpa, Horst. RIP. 
39. Long walks with Henry. 
40. Being in love with my best friend. 
41. My kindle. 
42. Watching Boy Meets World in the morning and Friends at night. 
43. Skype.
44. My new sisters, Nati and Juli. 
45. Picking out a great nail polish. 
46. Running. 
47. Birthdays. Anyones, not just mine. Even though I do love mine. 
48. Sundays. God's day. Fun day. 
49. Weddings.
50. Knowing that with hard work we're all going to be okay. 
Surprise #51. This quote my dad sent me in one of his infamous (#29) emails. "As sure as God allows His children to be put into the furnace of struggles, setbacks and disappointments He also promises to be there to help them through and come out with a whole new outlooks on life." -Charles Sprugeon

Happy Friday Friends, I hope you have lots to be happy about! 


  1. Love you to pieces!! You are still one heck of a great writer!!

  2. Hi sweet lady! I just found your blog via 'the life of a cupcake!' and am so glad that I did! I LOVE finding sisters in Christ who also blog; it's like finding a diamond in the rough! I'm your newest follower! xoxo


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