Dream Big.

January 12, 2013

I haven't been very blog oriented this break and for that I apologize. However, I've been enjoying my last (month long) break from school and avoiding the computer at all costs. This break was such a great time to spend copious amounts of time with my friends and family. We had such a merry christmas and happy new year and now it's time to head back to Nebraska. On Thursday I start my final semester of law school (and school in general). It's crazy to think, that in just under 5 months I will never be a student again! (Kind of exciting too). But as I prepare for this crazy semester of school, trial team, vacations, bachelorette parties and much more... I know I have to remember to take a minute to breathe it all in, because before I know it, it'll all be over. I was reading through old blog posts and I found the one where I decided law school was in my future, here it is, so enjoy! So here's to making each moment count, remembering the small details and enjoying the big ones. I hope everyone who's going back to school or has already started is enjoying every minute because it goes wayyy to fast. My dad sent me an email the other day with this quote in it and I just love it. Enjoy! 
"No matter what your passion is, don't let the negative outweigh your drive and determination to make it happen. In the words of Chad Reed, "dream big and go after what you want in life." 
Some of my favorite pictures from break.
Christmas Eve. 
Family celebrations. 
New Years Eve!
Best Friends. 


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous month--Love all the pictures! See you this coming week :) oxo


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