February 24, 2013

So, last Thursday we had the craziest snow storm everrrr (at least in my knowledge of snow storms). It was super fun. Everyone knew this storm was coming, so there was a lot of stocking up with groceries, classes were cancelled, even work called people off as they prepared to tuck in for the evening. The snow started around 1130am and didn't stop until the next morning! Overall we got about 10 inches! It was crazy, but oh so fun, to know I had nothing to do and nowhere to be all day! So, Adam and I made dinner at home, caught up on TV shows and ate way to much junk food. I hope all the mid-westerners who were snowed in had fun, and all those who aren't, I hope you get a snow day one day :) I hope you all have a great week!

This is the view from my apartment about 4 hours into the storm! 

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