Friday Favorites!

July 3, 2015

Hi blogger friends, sorry I've been MIA. I agree with Taylor from The Daily Tay where she talks about the hardest weeks in blogging life. She describes it perfectly, "...when the 4th of July is just around the corner. My attention span is that of a two year old surrounded by shiny objects and Capri Suns" Well, I've been doing just that, just without the capri suns. But I've been blissfully enjoying summer, long walks, laying by the pool and sipping cocktails. But have no fear, I'm back! It's Friday, so you know what that means; Friday Favorites!
  • This guy finds out how hard it is to walk around in high heels and it's hilarious. Now if only guys could feel what it's like to be pregnant.
  • I hate the word moist, and here's why.
  • Ben and Jen are no longer. Is this news heartbreaking to anyone else?
  • Gluten-Free comfort foods! I wish I never knew these existed because now all I can think about is Mac and Cheese.
  • I'm so glad when I was 11 cell phones, texting, facebook weren't a thing. But I guess for this girl she kinda owns the texting thing.
  • Even though texting wasn't a thing back then, I'm glad snapchat is now. I'm obsessed and you guys should follow me. >>> kgrace01 Oh, and after you add me on snapchat, you should read this post from Helene about snapchat and why bloggers should use it!
  • Erin, over at Well Plated has crafted a BLT Grilled Cheese. You are welcome.
  • One of the main reasons I grew my hair long is to put it in cool braids. One thing, I can't really braid. Luckily for me and all of you, Helene at Helene in Between gave us all something to watch and learn from! (yes, second post from Helene in Between, what can I say, I have a blogger crush).
  • Guys, graham cracker ice cream sandwiches. Man, oh man. Samantha at The Samantha Show is killing it.
  • I know what cocktail I'm making this weekend, blackberry margaritas.
  • S'more Dip. Yep.


  1. Girl! I need some blackberry margaritas in my life! And yes, so sad about Ben and Jen.


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