Christmas Cards are the best cards.

November 23, 2015

For as long as I can remember my mom has always sent Christmas cards. She has a long list of who she's sent too and who she gets cards from. She has a basket that sits in the same spot every year where all the Christmas cards go. I can remember coming home every night and looking through the new cards. I'm partial to the picture cards, but it is so fun getting Christmas cards from people all over and catching up on their lives.

Learning from my mama, I started sending Christmas cards when I lived in Omaha. Nothing super exciting, just a little Christmas stationary to let my loved ones know I was thinking about them. Well, as soon as I got engaged, I knew this was my chance to have a family Christmas (with a picture) card. Needless to say, Adam was less than thrilled when I told him about our Christmas card photo shoot. 1000 pictures later we had the one.

Next, comes the best part. Picking out the perfect card. I could peruse Minted for hours picking the right card. I play with fonts, different pictures and styles. Minted literally has everything I could dream of when it comes to picking the right card. I have personalized stationary (with my new married name), I did our Save the Dates, our housewarming party and all our Christmas cards with them. They do not disappoint.

Here's a preview of our card from last year. Adam was lucky because I used a picture from our engagement picture session so that he didn't have to endure another photo shoot. I mean, how cute is this card and how handsome is my fiance!

I'm still working on our Christmas card for this year. It's no secret going through thousands of wedding photos to find the right one to be deemed Christmas card worthy is a hard task! I figure next year I will no longer be a newlywed so this year is my last year to use a wedding picture :)

My blogging friend Ashley at Simply Wright just posed a thought provoking and semi-sad question for her recent post, are Christmas cards dying? Gosh, I hope not! And just your luck, to help Christmas cards stay alive, Minted is offering this amazing deal right now on all their holiday cards. Guys, 15% off your cards is such a steal. I'm working on my cards as we speak so I can get in on this offer. I'll be sure to share our christmas card as soon as it's done! Until then, I suggest you get shopping, because there are only 31 days until Christmas!

Is there anything better than getting Christmas cards?

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  1. That card is adorable. I must say that I am frightened for my bank account to go on Minted..... I love a good card and stationary. I also read a blog post recently about how Christmas cards were dead and I was super disappointed! I hope to send them and our recently added Christmas letter for a long time to come. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your Christmas cards!! I can't wait to send mine out!

  3. Love your card from last year! It does seem like we receive fewer and fewer cards each year. :/

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! I love Christmas cards!


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