The Pre-Thanksgiving Thanks

November 25, 2015

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, hooray! Today I am spending the day with my family, especially my mom, helping her prep for the big day tomorrow. Spending time with my mom is the absolute best. Cooking with her and learning from her is even better. I'm so lucky to have a mom who is practically Martha Stewart.

Every since I can remember my mom has always hosted Thanksgiving. I honestly never remember being any where else for Thanksgiving until Adam and I started sharing holidays. My mother is the perfect host. She reminds me of Monica in Friends when Monica "is always the hostess". Lets be real, my mom is the best host, so why go elsewhere.

I am so excited to spend thanksgiving in Arizona. 3 full days of sunshine, family, great food, delicious wine and everyone I love.

TODAY, I am grateful for Arizona. I am grateful for my huge family. I am grateful for a place to call home. I am grateful for the beautiful blue skies, the green cactus' and the fact that I know my way around everyone. I am thankful for too many pictures, laughing until it hurts and hugs that last forever.

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  1. Your sequin dress from a few posts back!?!?! To die for! I need it in my life! Where did you get that? Yes, Thanksgiving is so much better with family. This year and last we are just our kids and us because my hubs is on call :( Enjoy your day!

  2. I love being close to my family too. It's a little stressful having to go to multiple houses for Thanskgiving with a toddler, but it's a happy problem!

  3. or your siblings' or your parents' homes, you can get a wicker cornucopia basket full of their favorite things.


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