Election Day + a Recipe: The Good Popcorn

November 8, 2016

Happy Tuesday friends! Or as the entire world is looking at it, happy day the election ads stop! Happy Election Day 2016, we made it!

Has is it hit anyone else that today our world will change in a HUGE way, regardless of the outcome? Today, the US will elect one of the two most un-electable candidates this country has ever nominated. That's fact, not opinion, look at the polls. But tomorrow, we will still be the greatest country in the world and that is what we must keep in focus.

Attention: The next few paragraphs are going to be politics related. I get it if you hate politics talk. I usually do to. However, I need to get my two-cents out. If you don't like politics, skip the paragraphs below (I indented them to make it easier), because I am sharing the yummiest popcorn recipe ever!
I have written my two cents about this whole election process about 100 times and it never felt right to me. I've woken up in the middle of the night to write what I was dreaming about. I've deleted posts, re-written posts and it never worked. I've tried to articulate my thoughts without using offending words, thoughts or comments but I realized in this election specifically, that is impossible.  
Here's my summary of everything I worked through in my head in the past couple days. Tomorrow this will all be over. Tomorrow the US will still be standing and we will still be great because at the end of the (election) day, it's her people that make her great. It's her hard-working, passionate men and woman who want her to be great and will continue to make her great.  
I won't try to change your beliefs on the hot button issues because at the end of the day, you've chosen to believe that way based on life experiences and situations you've been a part of, ones that have shaped you and molded you and are experiences I will never have. The best I can do is listen to you, hear your heart and respect your beliefs and in turn I hope that you respect mine.  
So remember that when you're making your last minute digs or remarks. One candidate will win and the other will fade away but the people who you degraded on the way to defend your candidates "honor" will never forget the words you used.  
My hope is at the end of this, we can move on, backing whatever candidate wins, because if we don't come together we will continue to fall apart. Being united is what makes American great. So whether you're with her and want to make america great again, I hope we can all agree, that none of that will happen if we don't start listening to each other, really listening and working together. 
While we watch history made today in one way or another at least let's do it with wine and delicious popcorn.

When Adam and I moved in to our house, we did so without a microwave. The original one doesn't work and the second one we bought at Home Depot actually caught fire and had to be thrown away. So for the last 9 months we have lived without a microwave. I thought it would be hard, but it's taught me how to make things a different way, and in the case of popcorn, the better way!

I ventured to Oil and Vinegar to visit my friend Jim and to learn about truffles. Did you know it's currently truffle season? They legit take dogs and pigs out to find and dig for truffles. I had no clue. I never knew how truffles grew or where they came from, let alone any kind of mushroom. All I knew is that I loved them.

Jim sent me home with truffle salt and truffle oil. I was off on my way to make the most delicious truffle popcorn, I could hardly wait.

There is a lot of research out there on truffles because, like cilantro, liking or hating them may have to do with your genetics. I for one thank my lucky stars that my genetics have allowed me to LOVE truffles. But, if you're like my dad, he hates them and says they smell like musty socks.

Regardless of your taste for truffles; real life, stove-popped popcorn is guaranteed to tickle your taste-bud fancies. The key to stove-popped popcorn -- white kernels. Don't buy yellow, that's the fake stuff. And, use coconut oil. Sometimes coconut oil is not appropriate because you don't want that flavor, but trust me here. The coconut oil flavor on white popcorn is killer.

  • 1/3 cup white kernel popcorn
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • Heavy bottom pan
  • Salt (or truffle salt!)
  • Truffle oil 
How to Make:
  1. On medium heat, heat up the 2 tablespoons coconut oil and put in one popcorn kernel. Put the lid on. 
  2. Wait until you hear the one kernel pop. 
  3. Put the 1/3 cup in the pan. 
  4. When you hear the first pop, start to shake the pan slowly (all with the lid on). 
  5. The popping should start like crazy! 
  6. When you can count to 5 between pops, pull it off the heat. 
  7. Pour into a bowl, sprinkle with truffle oil and truffle salt and enjoy! 
  8. If you aren't using truffle oil, no need for more oil. Sprinkle with salt and devour! 
Enjoy the popcorn everyone! And please don't forget to VOTE. That is the only way to have your voice heard,. May God Bless the Election and may God Bless America. 

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