Where My Heads At + Friday Favorites!

November 4, 2016

Happy Friday friends! This week seemed to flyyyyy -- did anyone else have that feeling? This week was so exciting watching the Cubs win! I didn't really care who win seeing they both haven't won in years, but watching Bill Murray and all those boys was too cute for words. Congrats Cubs, you deserve this one big time!

I am so glad Friday is here. A relaxing weekend is just what the doctor ordered. Every Friday I always think, this weekend I'm going to get a ton of blog posts written. But ya know what? I haven't felt like it. Let's get a little raw here, shall we?

We've talked about this before. The immense pressure to put pen to paper and give you something you need, something pinnable, something fascinating. I started avoiding my blog email at all costs because it meant I had to feel the guilt that comes with this space. That is a terrible feeling.

This space is supposed to be where I go for inspiration and excitement. But lately all it makes me feel is inadequate. Every time I express these feelings, I get the same response, "but you're a good blogger, keep it up." Don't get the message twisted here, this isn't a sayonara to blogging. But it is a slow down.

I started thinning out Facebook bloggers (I was following over 500!) That's crazy. I want to read the people I love, not feel like I have to follow everyone in the world because it's what I'm supposed to do. I was missing my blogging besties blogs because I was following people I had never heard of.

I stopped taking "classes" because it's overwhelming and makes me feel bad about myself and who needs that. I stopped reading those posts that are only about growing and success because I'm here to connect with people. If my blog stays this little space because I'm not posting at the right time, then that's okay.

I got an email this morning with these stats -- 

Facebook – 2 times per day
Twitter – 3 times per day
LinkedIn – 1 time per day
Google+ – 3 times per day
Pinterest – 5x per day
Instagram – 1.5 times per day 

...And it said quote, "But it’s not just about posting more stuff on social. If you want to get 40 times more engagement on each social media post you must do this daily." 

If I learned anything in law school, it's that an answer with a must or always in the answer is always a wrong answer. 

I want this space to grow because you, all of you fabulous readers out there like it and help it grow! And while we are talking about readers, here's a quick thank you! I have the best blog friends in the world. You are more supportive than some of my real-life friends. You reach out, you send emails, you comment and it means the world. THAT is why I do this! You are why I love to write.

So you are all probably wondering why I just ranted forever about pretty much nothing. Well, ranting is how I hold myself accountable and its how to release some self guilt. Here's what I want moving forward. Real, good, quality posts that make you guys happy and make me happy. That might mean posts every day or once a week. I cannot guarantee a post every Tuesday at 9am even though that is what I'm "supposed" to do. But, I can guarantee, real life in these posts moving forward. Whew, I can already feel the blog-guilt dissipating.

And hey, if you're only looking for pinnable images and things that will grow your space, this probably isn't the blog for you. If you're looking for honestly, real life and totally delicious recipes, then this is the space and welcome!

And hey, blogging gurus, please don't take this post the wrong way. You are my role-models. One day, maybe, I'd love to do what you do. But for now, watching you, trying to catch up with you has me utterly exhausted. I'm done chasing you and from now on I'm gonna run at my own pace.

Stick around everyone. I (moving forward) promise to keep it interesting. If nothing less, I promise to come to you guilt free and with some good stuff to fill your inbox. Thanks for sticking with me. Should we look at some awesome stuff that happened this week around the web? I think we should.

 This. I hope my kids are this cool. 
Because, duh.
 That's a hard feeling to replicate and so dang true.
 I couldn't stop laughing. Damn Katie. 
The cutest Red Sox fan in the world. 

Happy Friday friends. Thanks for reading the worlds longest post and thanks for supporting me and this space. Get excited for some good posts coming atcha. 

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  1. Bull Murray was one of the best parts of the world series this year!

  2. "it's that an answer with a must or always in the answer is always a wrong answer." I've never heard that before! that's good.


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