Let's chat.

December 2, 2016

Hi peeps, whats up! Long time no blog! I've missed you guys and I've missed this space! It is (finally!) Friday, we are 23 days away from Christmas and I am pumped.

Can we talk about my beef with the holidays for just a quick sec? My beef with the holidays is that work still goes on even when there are holiday parties to attend, presents to wrap, baileys to drink and friends to hang out with. I don't think work should be a mandatory thing during the holidays, but anywho.

Let's chat.

Wanna hear something crazy. Last week I got an email from my blog host saying my blog was down! Do you know how terrifying that is. Pulled up my url and boom, it was gone. My host didn't even call/email/text nothing to tell me. But don't you worry, after about 3 phone calls and some screaming, Everyday Grace is back up and running. Sorry if I scared ya'll there, I'm not going anywhere.

You guys probably all know my blogging mentor, Helene, from Helene in Between - but did you know she has the ultimate Instagram course. Literally the best thing I've ever seen. It's called Instagram for Success and it's insane. Videos, handouts, and all the tools needed to grow your Instagram. The thing I love about Insta is even when I disappear here, I can still connect with all my blogger-loves on Insta! You can find all the goodies HERE! Or click below! GO now, it'll be literally the best thing you ever do for your blog and instagram.

If you didn't know, now you know, but Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite. I think she is probably the coolest actress out there. But, Chris Pratt is making her even cooler. Have you seen this Buzzfeed where he crops her out of all his pictures. It's hilarious. Now, I love them both. Please date. 

I'm hosting a breakfast club this Sunday to watch the Broncos game and I am so excited for three reasons; (1) friends and broncos (2) breakfast casserole that's so easy and delish (3) mimosa bar. I CANNOT wait to show you all the details on Monday's post. Again, see above about that whole working during the holidays again. 

I haven't taken our Christmas card picture this year and I am stressing. It is December 1 and no picture to be seen. I'm going to see if I can rope my neighbor into taking it. Please don't tell Adam, he will be mortified. But hopefully it'll make for a great picture. I already have my Minted card picked out!  Last years was so cute, and I know Minted will do a great job again! 

I know I'm late to this party, but I am obsessed with Pentatonix. I get it, they've been popular for like a bazillion years and I am new to their party, but people --  I cannot stop listening to their Christmas CD. It's insane. And yes, I still listen to CDs. Mary did you know is my favvvvvorite.

Congrats if you made it to the bottom of this ramble! This is the fun part. I really want to get to know other bloggers. I follow about 1000 but I don't know more than a handful and in full disclosure of honesty around here, I hate it. I love following people on Insta but it makes me feel crazy when I see a random person and don't even recognize their face. Anyone with me here? 

Everyday Grace is starting something new. A blogger feature on the blog for FREE. Free never happens so let's do it. I know bloggers aren't supposed to give it up for free, but this is me honestly wanting to know you! Let's do it interview style. I want to get to know you and in the mean time, introduce you and your blog to others! Then we can actually grow a friendship, not just a follow-for-follow type thing. 

Wanna be featured? Leave me a comment with your email address! Can't wait, this is going to be fun. Let's grow our sites together! 

Happy Friday everyone! Have the best weekend. 

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  1. Hi Kristen! I'd love to get to know you better, I'm in Blog Boss Babe too! I feel the same way about other bloggers!
    My email is ablondenabriefcase@gmail.com and my blog is http://ablondeandabriefcase.com/!
    Hope that you have a great weekend, your brunch sounds amazing!
    xx Ashley

  2. I use to blog, but still follow some of my favorites, you included :) I'm on Insta if you want to follow @jennk0225 I definitely agree about being off for the holidays, like it shouldn't even be a question! JLaw is my most fave and it doesn't hurt I love her more because she's from my hometown in Louisville KY. Although she and Chris can't date-he's married to Anna Farris! I'm also very late to the Pentatonix game, but am obsessed with ALL songs. Glad I wasn't the only one. Good luck with the Christmas photo.

  3. I love Pentatonix! So cool that you are starting this series! When I started my blog in march I did something like that too and it was great for networking and building real relationships

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  4. What a fun series to implement! I love reading about other bloggers.

  5. This sounds like a lot of fun.
    And I agree, it's always a good idea to get to know the blogger behind the blog.
    I'm Ima, I blog at lemonslemonade.com, my personal development and an Inspirational blog and my email is emmahasuquo@lemonslemonade.com
    Oh, and I'm always on Instagram (my fav fav) if anyone is looking to connect,
    @lemonslemonadeblog and @emmah_asuquo :-)

  6. Mary did you know is my favorite too!!! I recently shared that video to my FB! Now that I have a son, i hear that song in a whole new light! Always gives me chills.


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