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December 20, 2016

If you guys saw my eye glasses right now you would cringe, as do I every night when I put them on. Adam and I went to Lake Tahoe this summer and as we were leaving to come home. I realized I left my glasses, threw them in my suitcase and on the plane we went. It wasn't until I got home and my glasses were bent in half that I realized how dumb that was.

That happened 6 months ago. Weeps.

To be totally honest, I don't love wearing glasses. I read and look down a lot and they fall off, they leave those weird little marks on the bridge of my nose and most touch my eyelashes. I much prefer contacts. That being said, I understand the importance of a good pair of glasses.

On to the embarrassing story of 2016. About 3 weeks ago when I was getting ready, I reached into my drawer for contacts and realized I had one left eye contact left. I have different prescriptions in both eyes, and I have two eyes, so one contact did not work. I literally looked everywhere for a contact. Maybe I left on in my makeup bag? Travel bag? Workout bag? Nope, nada. I am unfortunately not one of those people that can go without glasses. I cant see far away, so the whole driving situation would be a little difficult.

I was going to have to wear my crooked, sideways, bent glasses to work. Oh, and I had three hearings that day in federal court. Talk about humiliating. I didn't even post this on snapchat I was so embarrassed. I didn't tell Coti. I didn't tell my mom. I went to my hearings, took off my glasses when I was in front of the judge and faked it until I didn't make it. I tried my hardest not to squint, but I'm pretty sure the judge could tell something was up.

It was then I finally realized I needed to bite the bullet and buy new glasses. Where do I go for new glasses? Warby Parker ladies and gents. The genius behind Warby Parker came from the idea that glasses were too expensive. Genius. The best part - for every pair of glasses you buy, they make a donation to cover the cost of outsourcing glasses, eye exams and give more frames to people who need them.

Well, if that didn't sell ya on WB, you should go look at their glasses! They have tons of variety, shapes, colors and sizes. The coolest part, they offer FREE try-ons! That's right FREE. You don't even have to enter a credit card number, Pick out five pairs you like, try them on, send them back. All free.

Because I was in desperate need of glasses, I raced to Warby Parker to get my at home try-ons shipped! I've had the same small shaped glasses forever, so I wanted to try something different. I picked out five different pairs and I definitely have my favorites but I'm not sure which ones to pick.

Here's the fun part. I need your help! Below are the five glasses I tried on. (PS these pictures are so embarrassing). I need you to vote on your favorite! Who knows, the one who picks the one I buy might just win a little giveaway. Ya never know people, it's the holidays, I'm feeling generous.

Wanna know the worst part about these pictures, besides how awkward I am? Well, never-mind that is 100% the worst part. So mortifying!

Anyways. now you've seen the embarrassing pictures. It is time to vote! I really need your help!

Pick below! Which glasses should replace my horrible, bent ones?

What Glasses Should I Buy?


So, you've learned about Warby Parker today, if you didn't already know. Now it's your turn! Go to Warby Parker and pick out your new frames! They are great quality, great price and an even better cause.

Happy Tuesday everyone! We're just that much closer to Christmas! Eeek!

Shop Warby Parker Online

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  1. I definitely love #5! They're very unique with the neutral bottom half!

  2. Great post. I've been thinking about trying Warby Parker for quite a while. Looks fun.


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