Guest Post: Things to do on a Family Trip to Singapore

July 28, 2017

Singapore is one of the most family friendly destinations in Asia and it’s no surprise that it is so popular with tourists all around the globe. Traveling to Singapore is usually hassle-free and quite possible the reason why many prefer to spend their weekends and family visits in Singapore.

The streets are spotlessly clean, the sky is clear and the grass is always fresh and green, the spacious hotels and the great malls and landmarks, not to mentions with the exciting theme parks and resorts - Singapore is the hub of arts, fashion, culture and events. Street vendors line the roads selling everything from food to tiny gadgets. This small island consists of a friendly and safe environment with a variety of ethnic groups coexisting in perfect harmony. All these make Singapore perfect for a family vacation.  

Here is a guide to all the great things you can do on your trip to Singapore with your family.


The three main ethnic groups in the country offer areas like Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam (the Malay quarter), which are filled with traditional shop houses and a large variety of products ranging from furniture, various spices, snacks and toys, all inspired by the culture they represent. Even if you don’t plan on shopping for anything, you could still stroll around these parts and explore the richness of the different ethnic groups represented in the tiny little area in the streets of Singapore.


Hop on a cable car and take your entire family to this lovely trip down to Singapore’s playground Sentosa. A previously deserted tropical island, Sensota now hosts a multitude of attractions like Fantasy Land, a fantastic waterpark offering incredible rides, Volcano Land and even the world famous Universal Studios Singapore. This place has it all for everyone, be it for your children or for some quality family fun time. 


Away from the everyday noise and dirt of the streets outside, the Botanic Gardens offer a safe haven that gives you a break from the concrete jungles of the city. Available to the public since 1859, these gardens are filled with lush trees and plants filled with beautiful and aromatic flowers. You can explore the various species of plants while resting in for a picnic on the lawns. A perfect getaway afternoon for your whole family.

With over 8000 birds of over 600 different species, it’s a haven for birds and bird lovers alike. You and your children are bound to fall in love with the beautiful parakeets and macaws. You may even get a chance to carry one on your arm! The main attractions here include the Bird Discovery Centre, Lory Loft Aviary, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary and the award winning African Wetlands. Different sections showcase different species of birds found in different parts of the world. A part of the money you spend on the ticket goes to avian hospital and the Breeding and Research Centre to ensure the
welfare of birds and endangered species.


Take a trip down to history in the Battle Box where you can explore the bunkers that made up the underground command centre beneath Forth Canning Hill in WWII. The tour guide will assist you through the 26 bomb proof rooms that have all gone through restorations to make it more accessible to the public. Meanwhile audio-visual effects and animations will create the atmosphere that persisted during the Battle of Singapore at the time. This would be an exciting as well as education trip for you family. 


Looking for some snow in a tropical region? Head over to Snow City where its cold 365 days a year, making it a great escape from the heat. If you are up for some adventurous activities, you can give snow tubing, skiing or snowboarding a try. Although you may consider safer alternative activities if you have small children with you. You can even explore igloos and have snowball fights with your kids in the play area.


This is perhaps the most exciting and favorite adventure for all age groups. The night safari takes visitors on a tram ride through a park containing only nocturnal animals roaming around in the jungle. You can travel through the rainforest, savannah and jungle where you will spot exotic creatures, many of which are endangered species that live by night.

These are only a few of the many great things you can do on your trip to Singapore. So start planning your family trip to Singapore this season!

About the Author: Isabele is Silly and observant can be quite contradictory natures to have, but not impossible! Name's Isabele and someday, I want to be the greatest social analyst in the world! Till then, find me here and there, everywhere!"

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