The Bachelorette: Season 13: It's over and the winner is...

August 9, 2017

Rachel picks Bryan! Peter goes home bawling, Eric still loves Rachel and I'm over here trying to figure out who in their right mind sends Peter home.

Eric says it all, Bryan was Rachel's second pick. You can see more of what Eric thinks here.

If you don't like the Bachelorette or have been living under a rock, Rachel had the saddest breakup with Peter in bachelorette history (in my actual honest opinion) on Monday night. It was that kind of breakup where they kept kissing, couldn't leave each other, telling each other they loved each other but Peter still went home.

It was very clear from day one that Rachel wanted to get married. She wanted whoever "won" to want to get married too regardless of the man. That sounds harsh, but I think that was made clearer on Monday when Rachel told Peter she loved him, but if he couldn't propose the next day, he wasn't the winner. Harsh. Peter kept telling her he loved her and wanted to spend his life with her, but he wants to propose once in his life. And he wasn't ready to do that in 6 weeks. For real life, sounds normal, for bachelorette land, it's crazy talk.

You can watch their devastating breakup here.

You can see why, it's hard for me to understand how, the next day, bright eyed, Rachel vowed forever to Bryan. If I were Bryan, I'd have some heavy questions.

But they appeared on Good Morning America, People Magazine and every TV station that will have them, proclaiming their love. So, good for you guys, I'm one of the few rooting for you. Adam always tries to tell me that Bachelor couples never work, so I have to prove him wrong. Ahem, JoJo and Jordan.

Let's recap back on how we got here:

THREE WEEKS AGO: The gang heads to Switzerland. Geneva would be such a cool place to go. This is the reason this show is the best. They go to the best places.

  • First ONE-ON-ONE: Bryan. They are darling. I think they are super pretty together. She looks like an absolute dream in that white outfit. I'm obsessed with her today. She just bought him a matching Breitling. I mean, I kinda think ABC bought the watch, but still. I think lit's safe to say they're obsessed with each other. I like Bryan, I think. I sense a little sleeze, but also sense some good. One thing I do know, they love to make out. Miami, here we come.
  • Second ONE-ON-ONE: Dean. Rachel walking the streets on cobblestone in heels. Girl, get it. My feet hurt looking at you. Old town Geneva is stunning! I have to go here. I know Rachel says its not the day to talk about faith. But next week is hometowns and if religion is important to you, isn't it the time? To Aspen we go.
  • Third ONE-ON-ONE: Peter. I think they are so so cute today. Dog sledding is pretty cool, but I'd rather just cuddle the pups. And here they are having a deep convo in the freeeezzzzing cold. It is interesting watching Peter cry regarding his ex girlfriend. Here's the thing I like about Peter. He's honest. We're in the Bachelorette people. I appreciate that he realizes the idea of what he's doing. Let's go to Wisconsin.
  • GROUP DATE: Let's go. Matt, Adam, Eric. Adam has some false confidence here. Strongest relationship eh? His opinion will change when he watches this show back. "Hard but worth it." I appreciate that comment Eric. But, I'm bored with this group date. I really enjoyed watching Matt and Rachel. I think he's very kind and sweet. He's making her cry. She made me cry during this and it kinda of breaks my heart! Nooo Matt. Sad. To Baltimore we go. Eric, don't mess this up.

The remaining men: Bryan, Peter, Dean


  • Baltimore: I am not Eric's biggest fan. But the start of his hometown has me liking him a lot more. He's very authentic and very kind. I appreciate this. Oh and Rachel's ring is amazing. She's very nervous and I'm wondering if those nerves are due to it because she's not sure about Eric, because she loves him or because he is nervous. His family is so cute! Ah. I love them. The phrase "you marry the family" would be so fun with this family. They are so loving and sweet. His aunt verna is such a bun. I wanna hang out with her. My only issue with Eric is he seems young to me. But I love him and his heart. And I think they would make a good pair. I would be worried that they're in different places. "I really love this girl, but lemme tell ya what this means." Yikes.
  • Miami: so it's clear that they are very very sexually attracted to each other. But oh hey Bryan talking in Spanish. You sound good. This trip has made me want to go to Miami. Who's with me? Honestly if they haven't had sex I'd be shocked. Ugh oh. The mom is already crying. I don't think his last relationship had anything to do with the ex girlfriend but more the mom. We are blood. The mom actually turned around her attitude. She was very very sweet to Rachel. I love you.
  • Madison: so Madison is super cute. I wanna go there. I think they are so darling together. Like his salt and pepper hit. His hidden tats and his gap in his tooth. I love it. They are so good. Peter is definitely the one who thinks this through much more than feeling just with his heart. He's way more logical. It semi seems like he is talking himself into this situation. First guy out of the rose. First one on one. That says a lot. 
  • Aspen: how did I not know dean was from co? I would have liked him even more. What kind of siek is his dad? Does anyone have any idea of what it is? Seeing dean talk about his dad is heartbreaking to me. Watching his giggle his way through this really hard time is so sad. I want to give him a huge hug. Wow. So I'm crying during this hometown. So now the dad doesn't want to talk to Rachel. He's not being very kind. I'm falling in love with you. I'm falling in love with you too.
CHRIS HARRISON. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?! Do you think as the boys line up for their rose ceremony that they talk to each other? Or do they have to stand in silence? DEANNNNNN. NOOOO. Rachel. You said you were falling in love! That's just mean.

The remaining men: Peter, Eric and Bryan


  • Peter- I really think he's being genuine in his feelings instead of just forcing feelings of "love." I think it's very clear that she adores him. I think it says a lot that after all the crying she gave him the over night key. It would have been very easy for her to not give him the card. She really likes him - like a lot. Plus he's dang cute. I appreciate that peter asked for her permission to take the key. He didn't assume it or jump at it. He was respectful and kind.

  • Bryan- it seems like to me he's trying to prove he loves her by constantly saying "the woman that I love" we get it bryan- you thin you're the front runner and you have for a while. She seems distant from Bryan. Look at her face in the inset picture. I feel like she pics him hence why she's being so standoffish. Gross Bryan. Basically tell her that you want to get in bed with her. "Without any cameras" bleh.
  • First Rose Ceremony: Peter looks so handsome! Rachel, those are some good shoulders on that dress. Bye Eric. Damn he is so kind. She's not crying saying goodbye to him. She cried for allllll the last few goodbyes. I never saw that working.
At the end of the day, Bryan proposed and Rachel said yes. Cheers to you two. 

Alright bachelor folks, it's over. Thanks for sticking with it. Plus Bachelor in Paradise starts NEXT WEEK! I'm so pumped. I won't be blogging it, but you better believe I'll be tweeting the drama. Make sure to follow me on twitter (kristengrace1) for all the insights! 

Happy Wednesday friends! 

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  1. I'm saddened by the finale!! I originally was such a fan of her and Brian...and I still am to an extent. I do agree he seemed a bit in genuine in the end with all the professing. I loved Rachel and Peter's first date and I was a fan of them as well, but he seemed to revert to being a bit more reserved so I wasn't sure about them. I agree, Brian is clearly runner-up but I wish them the best. Peter was still clearly heart broken when they brought him out and he was talking to Rachel, but I have no doubt he'll find have many women swooning over him. Oh how I can't wait for the craziness of Paradise!


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