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August 7, 2017

Happy Monday! It's the Bachelorette finale tonight! Can you believe it? Who do you think wins? I'll be live-tweeting it tonight, so make sure to tune in! I'll have a HUGE recap on Wednesday detailing all things Rachel, why Dean went home and the winner!

How was your weekend? Mine was so nice. I had a sleep over with one of my girlfriends on Friday n night. When is the last time you had a sleepover? It was so fun. She lives in Denver, but kinda far away, so I offered a guest room and she said yes. We happy hour-ed, ate delicious food and drank wine on the couch. It was so fun. Saturday was such a chillll day with my hubs. Restarting ourselves before a new week started.

Today's post is a little deep. I'll warn ya. But it's my heart, I hope ya like it. PS. If you got the newsletter this AM, you had a heads up for this weeks posts, congrats!

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My brother-in-law Ryan posted a video of Matthew McConaughey's Oscar acceptance speech from a while ago on Facebook and I absolutely loved it. It was so good, I saved it on Facebook and I've watched it probably over 10 times. Ya know those videos that kind of give you goosebumps and maybe some tears to your eyes. This is that video.

It's incredible. You can watch it below. It's only 2 1/2 minutes, but so powerful. It brings tears to my eyes to listen to such a successful actor speak with so much humility. If only all actors and actresses could speak with such humility at awards shows. But, that seems like a blog post for another time now doesn't it.

The theme of Matthew's speech is something to look up to, something to look forward to and the third is someone to chase. His speech got me thinking about how these three themes speak to my life.

Who would I thank if I won a Grammy (because let's be real, it would be a Grammy due to my dream to be Adele). What would drive me? Who would inspire me, be my hero? My favorite part about blogging is when I get an idea (sometimes via an someone elses idea) and I have the opportunity to really examine things in my own life.

My something to look up to lines up very close with Matt's. I'm gonna call him Matt because we're basically BFFs now. When I look up to someone its due to their inspiring nature. God is obviously the thing I look up to. He's where I find peace, grace, unconditional love and the main thing that gives my life meaning. My husband. He's the hardest working, kindest man I've ever known. I never knew love existed in this form until I met him. I look up to my mom, the most amazing woman I've ever known. She's been raising kids and grand-kids for the past 35 years, no complaints, just love. She's creative, kind, loving and literally the only person who lets me call them 34 times a day and doesn't get annoyed. My dad for constantly telling me he believes in me and to do good. His voice is the sound of my conscious. His voice is the reason I work hard. I could literally list 10000 other people. My brother, my sister, my in-laws, my friends, my dogs. I'm so lucky to have the best humans to look up too.

Something to look forward to. I look forward to tomorrow. And tomorrow, I'll look forward to the next day. There was a period in my life where I looked forward to things wayyyy in the future. I wanted to go to law school, I looked forward months. I wanted to graduate, I looked forward three years. I wanted to get married, one year. When I look back, I hope I didn't waste those moments in between the years that I was waiting to get somewhere else. I'm super comfortable in this season of my life and only looking to tomorrow. It helps me live in the today, instead of the future. It helps me appreciate the Mondays because soon they're Fridays. And the hard seasons give more joy to the great seasons.

Someone to chase. This one directly relates to this blog. I chase the bloggers. I chase the bloggers with one follower doing what they love and I chase the blogger with 100,000 followers, living what appears to be the dream blogger life. I chase the girl with the great captions and the guy with the traveling wanderlust spirit. I chase the mean comments on my blog with the good comments on my Instagram. I chase those bloggers because chasing them helps me chase my ultimate goal of making this blog my career. Even if this blog does become my career one day, I'll never stop chasing.

Happy Monday friends! Let's make it the best week yet.  Remember, you can sign up for the newsletter here! 

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  1. I watched the Bachelorette finale last night and always knew it was going to be Bryan. I think when she bought them matching watches that tipped me off. Plus his instagram page has been mostly selfies as if he's hiding where he is.

  2. Awwlrigh, Awwlrigh, Awwlrigh...I love the same acceptance speech by Matthew M. And I also chase the same bloggers/people in life. It's inspirational to watch people in their element.


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