30 things in my 30th year.

June 7, 2018

Happy Thursday Friends! I officially turn 31 tomorrow which means I'll be living in my thirties. Ay yi yi. I love me some June. Yes, I'm totally biased towards the month of June but it's so dang good, add in a birthday and it's the best. It's officially summer; people are down to vacation, go to happy hour and enjoy the best weather ever. I swear summer puts everyone in a better mood.

I started doing this post last year and I loved recapping all the good things my 29th year had to offer. Plus, it's so fun looking back years later. I'm officially in my thirties people. I'm growing up. Grab a glass of wine, coffee and a comfy space on the couch, this is a long post. 30 was a good year, but I'm ready to say goodbye.  Tomorrow, I turn 31, lets get recapping.
ONE // Baby! Let's start with our most exciting news, baby! It's been a year of baby (I'll get to that later) but celebrating this healthy little babe has been our biggest joy this year. She might not be here in my 30th year, but being pregnant during my 30th year has been such a huge blessing.

TWO // The big job change. For my mental, emotional and physical health, I switched jobs late last year and bless, it's been a huge blessing to me. While it took me a while to get through my pride of not being an attorney anymore, I'm so glad I took the jump.

THREE // 3 years of wedded bliss. Adam and I celebrated 3 years of marriage. It doesn't seem long enough to encompass everything we'd done together, but oh what a wonderful three years it's been. I'm lucky to have a husband who supports me through the crazy, through the tough times and through the joys.

FOUR // Napa. Adam and I ventured to Napa for one of my best friends amazing wedding. Dancing under the stars in the middle of wine country is something I want to do every weekend. It was such an incredible weekend full of love. Callie and I have been friends since our freshman year in college and watching her marry her love was incredible. I love celebrating best friends weddings.

FIVE // I started binge watching Younger. This is a new revolution in my life and I'm hooked. If you aren't watching Younger, stop everything, grab your Hulu and get watching. The new season just started so I've got a full 4 seasons to catch up on.

SIX // Skied. This winter, I skied for the first time since tearing my ACL Yes, I only skied greens and I took level 1 ski lessons, but I did it and felt amazing. It was so fun and I got 2 glorious days on the mountain. Then I found out I was pregnant so that quickly ended my ski days, but have no fear, I'll be back next winter.

SEVEN // All the photoshoots. I promised myself I'd jump into more photoshoots for the blog and boy did I. I even got Adam on the photo-taking bandwagon. I did around 10 photoshoots throughout the year and I grew this incredible space. I partnered with some amazing maternity lines, shoe lines and makeup. It was such a fun year for this space.

EIGHT // Insta-stories. Started getting a little more comfortable with Insta-stories. I love getting to connect to my readers in a new way and insta-stories is such a fun way to do so.

NINE // TAYLOR SWIFT. Call me a nerd, but I've never missed a Taylor Swift tour. This is my 5th Taylor concert. Yep, I even went to the concert where she dressed as a country princess, all the way to snakes and anti-kardashian Taylor. I'm a not ashamed huge Taylor fan.

TEN // Baby Girl! Lets piggy back on number 1, but not only did we find out we're pregnant, but we found out baby kavan is a girl! Cue all the pink, ruffles and dolls I can get my hands on. Adam doesn't even know the cuteness that is coming!

ELEVEN // Henry turned 9 and Lola turned 2 (today!) This is the last year they'll be the only babies in our house.

TWELVE // Found my love for podcasts. Everyone has been telling me for years I need to start listening and I was really never convinced. Until now. Adam and I road-tripped a few times and found some new favorites and now instead of listening to jams at work, podcasts are my thing.

THIRTEEN // Target. Fell in love with Target clothes and my addiction is only getting stronger. From shoes to maternity, to mens clothes to dresses, I love it. I've had to put boundaries on myself or else I'd be there literally every day.

FOURTEEN // We suffered a miscarriage. While this isn't exactly a hi-light of this year, it's a huge thing that happened to me. If we're being honest here, it was one of the worst things ever. It was the biggest heartbreak I've ever felt. But it also taught me a lot about myself, my body and my relationship with Adam. It helped us grow together and realize what we really want.

FIFTEEN // Jackson, WY. We spent Easter in Jackson, WY with some of our friends. I ate at Persephone Bakery 3x, the group skied, we ate the best Thai food ever and relaxed in the snowy mountain town. If you haven't been to Jackson yet, book a trip! It will be your favorite.

SIXTEEN // Weekends with my parents. My parents came to visit for a long weekend. The boys skied, the girls shopped and it was some great quality time with my fambam. Plus, my mom and I got in some early baby shopping!

SEVENTEEN // Trips to Omaha, NCAA tournaments and 2 year old birthday parties. Our weekends in Omaha are always jam packed but so full of family and friends.

EIGHTEEN // Sonoma. In the mood of weddings, we went back to Sonoma for another wedding and it involved the same. Love, dancing under the stars and lots of wine. I'm lucky that my best friends love wine country as much as I do.

NINETEEN // Wisconsin. Last year was the year of weddings and we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel the country celebrating our dearest friends. Adams long time friend, Teddy got married in Milwaukee and it was so fun because I'd never been. We ate great meals and again, danced the night away.

TWENTY // Bought Kristin Cavallari's cookbook and cooked from it every night for a month. I wish I was kidding. I never particularly liked Kristin on The Hills, but I'm low-key obsessed with her now.

TWENTY-ONE // Michigan. My sweet grandparents are getting old and unfortunately we had to move them out of their house. The perk? Getting to spend quality time with family and my grandmother. Michigan will always hold a really special place in my heart. It's where my family is from and by default, me.

TWENTY-TWO // Decaf coffee became a thing. Started drinking decaf coffee and no caffeine all together. Blame it on the baby.

TWENTY-THREE // Laguna Beach & baby showers. One of my favorite things about this pregnancy is getting to do it with some of my favorite friends. My gf Kate is pregnant and we're due 6 weeks of each other and last weekend I got to venture out and celebrate her and her baby boy. This season of life can be a little isolating and getting to do it with a gf is the best.

TWENTY-FOUR // Tough mudder. Adam was a boss and ran his second tough mudder in Copper Mountain. If you haven't heard about this its a crazy race with lots of obstacles and challenges and it tires me out just watching him. He's incredible.

TWENTY-FIVE // Phoenix Open. 5 days in Scottsdale and the warm Arizona air. Everyone here loves how much I love Arizona so Adam and I left cold January Denver and ventured to Arizona to spend the weekend with both our families under the warm sun, watching golf. We also got to tell our families we were pregnant this weekend. It was so fun to do this in person, in my favorite state.

TWENTY-SIX // Estes Park. Adams family came out for his birthday and we hit Estes Park. IT was so fun touring the national park, celebrating Adam and getting extra time with family. If you haven't been to Estes Park you should go, my advice? Maybe not in the middle of the summer, its very touristy!

TWENTY-SEVEN // Grew my blog, my instagram and this space. I finally hit 2000 followers, changed the trajectory of this space a little and learned to really love what I'm creating. Thanks to you!

TWENTY-EIGHT // 24 books in 12 months. I challenged myself to 24 books in one year. I'm half way through the year and only on book 10. I gotta get to work!

TWENTY-NINE // My sister-in-laws came to Denver and we had the best weekend venturing around the city. We hiked, ate and drank our way through the city, had spa days in my bathroom, drank champagne on the grass, got into a free rockies game and enjoyed each other's company. I absolutely LOVE having friends come to Denver, it's so fun showing them the city I call home.

THIRTY // Learned to trust my body, my gut and myself a little bit more. This year has been really trying, but also so incredible. Right after we miscarried, I never felt more betrayed by my own body, and me. We wanted a baby so much and I couldn't help but think losing that baby was my fault, my bodies fault. And then, months later, we got pregnant again and I trusted my body a little more. I quit my job where I had security and stabilty for something so different, and with that I trusted myself a little more. It's been a year of growth and joys and I'm so excited for next year.

Thanks to my readers, my friends and my family for getting me through another year, pushing me, supporting me, encouraging me and loving me through the past year!

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  1. Girl you look so cute in all these photos! And I recently found my love of podcasts too! What are your favs?

  2. Wow! Sounds like 30 was the best year of your life, so far! Happy, happy birthday from fellow June baby. I can't wait to see what 31 holds for you.

  3. WOW! What a year! It seems like 30 was packed in the best way possible!


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