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July 25, 2018

Pregnancy throws a lot of crazy things at ya. But, one thing I'm sure of, cute clothes make the 10 months go much faster. Kimi + Kai has some adorable clothes at great prices and they make you feel pretty when you don't always feel great.

Kimi + Kai has everything from jeans to tops to dresses, plus they have clothes for baby too!

The thing I love about this dress is it works for nursing too! It has a secret zipper perfect for those nursing sessions. They've got it all and you've gotta check them out!

I really love the lace detail on this top. It's perfect to dress up jeans.
 Plus, it super flatters the bump.
My real question is how do I pose without a bump? 

 This dress is one of my favorites. I love the grey/black combo with the lace. 
Pretty sure this was the last time I wore heels :) 

What are some of your favorite maternity brands?

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