Episode 10 : Lauren Scruggs Kennedy // On Pushing Through Tragedy,Faith First & Non Toxic Living

April 16, 2019

On this episode we sit down with Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, a lifestyle blogger, NY Times best-selling author, creator of The LSK Foundation, creator of 'Stranded' dry shampoo and the clean living program 'The Clean Sweep'. If that isn't enough she is a woman of faith and the wife to Jason Kennedy of E news. We chat about the accident that changed her life, the gift of pain, finding beauty outside of physical appearance, her LSK foundation, the process of starting a dry shampoo company and so so much more.

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Questions you can hear on Lauren's Episode:
  • We have personally followed you and your journey for a long time. But for anyone living under a rock tell us about yourself.
  • We don’t want to assume everyone knows your story, so will you share with the TGL listeners about the accident that changed your life.
  • Your past experiences have allowed you to really being able to help so many women, and then creating the LSK foundation. Tell us how and why you started this foundation? 
  • What are your goals with this?
  • You live a pretty public life, and have so many amazing things going for you in your life, yet Jesus still seems to remain number one in your life, your social media presence, your blog, ect. How have you kept your faith above the it all?
  • We have to ask because our TGL listeners (and us!) wanna know Tell us everything life with Jason - basics, the wedding, faith, marriage, pregnancy.
  • Tell us about the process of creating Stranded your own dry hair shampoo?
  • Tell us about CLEAN SWEEP program which launched this past January?
  • What makes your clean sweep program stand out from other programs? 
  • What can we expect to see from you in 2019?
  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten from your best friend? 
  • Where can we find you? 

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