Episode 50: Stephen Cabral - Let's talk about COVID-19.

April 7, 2020

On episode 50, Kristen and Whitney sit down with Stephen Cabral, Functional Medicine Practitioner Doctorate of Functional Medicine Practitionery, and talk all about COVID-19. In light of the greatest worldwide pandemic our generation has ever seen, we thought it was be incredible to get an unbiased opinion on the subject. Dr. Cabral answers all our questions, including easing our fears, addressing the misconceptions, and offers incredible advice on how to boost our immune systems, staying safe, and why social distancing really matters.

Our goal with this podcast was to alleviate fears, provide accurate, unbiased information and research on COVID-19. We get into testing, why the US is behind on testing, and what medicine doctors are seeing have a positive effect on the symptoms of COVID-19. Dr. Cabral talks about the power of boosting our immune system, which supplements work best during this virus, and he talks other forms of functional medicine.

This topic is a big one right now and we break it down with the best, Dr. Stephen Cabral.

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  • Check out his company Equilibrium Nutrition and stay healthy with his immune protocol. It's also where you can learn about his other products, detoxes, tests, supplements and so much more to help with your overall health. 
(Disclaimer  * This is not medical advise, please see a your practitioner for any questions)

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