April 29, 2009

Since I follow quite a few blogs, there are certain things I’ve come to really love - like when people post fun pictures of trips, good quotes are the always best, but i really love “currently on my ipod…” I’m totally a music junkie, so when people clue me in on what they love it really makes my day. so, for all those music junkies out there here’s whats on my ipod this week…. now, mind you it’s finals week so my music is a bit more chill and relaxed than normal.
Blueskyreality - Years & Good Guys
Kate Voegele - Angel
The Fray - Happiness
Glen Hansard - Falling Slowly
The White Tie Affair - Candle
Dave Barnes - Sticks and Stones
James Morrison - You Make it Real
Ray LaMontagne - Hold You in My Arms
Kelly Clarkson - Cry
P!nk - Please Don’t Leave Me
They’re bomb. Check em out.

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