My list.

September 19, 2009

A lot happens in life that can make a person cynical. There are a lot of 'why me' moments and a lot of them are rightly deserved but what happened to the little, daily things that are there to be happy about? Those little things that put a smile on your face and make you excited to wake up in the morning. I found this website called, "14000 things to be happy about" and its inspired from the book (I want the book!) written by Dr. Barbara Ann Kipfer and I absolutely love it. It makes me excited about the little things. Maybe if everyone took the time to write out their list, they'd find happiness is the small, minute things and for one minute it would take their minds off the rest of the 'horrible' things going on.

So, here is my list of 50 things to be happy about (in no particular order):
1. Henry waking me up in the morning.
2. Coffee dates
3. Having breakfast with my mom every morning.
4. Going to church with my dad.
5. BBM'ing & text messages.
6. Arizona summer nights
7. Clean sheets
8. Lazy Saturday nights with my family.
9. Birthday dinners.
10. Driving alone.
11. Arizona sunsets.
12. Florence, Italy
13. Disposable cameras
14. Salt-water, preferably in Ocean form
15. Socks in the winter.
16. My entire (extended) family spending Thanksgiving together.
17. Tom&Camila.
18. Green M&M's
19. Hot yoga during Arizona summers.
20. The excitement of the unknown.
21. Freshly vacuumed carpet.
22. Speed-dial.
23. Movie nights with Coti
24. When Henry sleeps next to me while I blog.
25. Sitting on the patio at night
26. Chicago.
27. Coffee table books.
28. New CD and song recommendations from friends.
29. Pepperdine.
30. The smell of fresh paint.
31. Arizona sports fans.
32. Pedicures.
33. Cold pillows.
34. The bridge of your favorite song.
34. Studying with Whitney.
35. Erin's laugh.
36. Encouragement from Lauren.
37. A phone call from a long-lost friend.
38. Watching Gracie and Henry play.
39. A good youtube video.
40. A stiff drink.
41. The smell of my dad's cigars.
42. Tom's sense of humor.
43. My mom being better than Martha Stewart.
44. Breakfast at Sunnyside.
45. The smell of the rain.
46. Ironed shirts.
47. Adventures with Kate & Kate.
48. Disney movies
49. Faith.
50. God's grace.

Some of those might not make sense to the average reader, but to me those are a few of the many things that make me happy. Now all I have to do is look back at that in times when nothing else seems to be going right and remember the little things.


I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen