thank you, thank you, thank you.

May 30, 2010

Day 5: Compose a letter to someone who has changed your life. 

Have you ever met Erin? Erin McKenzie Englert? She's my sister, my older, beautiful, funnier, happier, my wonderful sister Erin. She's 26 years old, red hair, big green eyes and a heart bigger than anyone I've ever know. The only difference is that she has cerebral palsy, which causes her to be a little less communicative than normal. But nonetheless, she's my hero. Needless to say, writing a thank you note was quite the task. I could have chosen my father, who for the last 22 years of my life has done everything in his power to support me and my family, who taught me how to play tennis, taught me how to drive, sent me to college and now law school. A thank you note to him would be an easy task. I could write a thank you note to my loving and beautiful mother. I could thank her for being my best friend, my shoulder to always cry on, she's my stable source of advice, my shopping partner, wine buddy, and the best mom ever, she definitely deserves a thank you. Or I could write to my brother, who without knowing is my best friend ever. Even though he doesn't realize it, he gives the best advice. He watches over me, defends me, loves me, and always supports me. My entire family deserves a thank you note. Or a thank you note to my best friends, that regardless of locations, time, fights, school, boys and anything in-between have been there through it all. I have a plethora of people to whom I can and should write notes, but today, I'm writing to my big sister, and even though she'll never read it, I know she feels it and knows how thankful I am for her.
Dear Erin, 
Thank you, thank you for being my older sister, my role model and my inspiration. Thank you for constantly having joy, and for sharing that joy with all who meet and know you. Thank you for showing me that regardless of situations and circumstances it is possible to be happy and find the best in everything. Without even knowing you have taught me patience. You have taught me gratitude. You have taught me that it is okay to ask for help. Thank you. You taught me that not everything is based on whats on the outside, though I think you're beautiful, you taught me that its whats in your heart that matters. 
After coming back from college and school, or even running errands, you greet everyone with the biggest hello and hug, you taught me to live with wide abandon. Erin, you have shown me that through hardships and trials, that nothing is impossible. You taught me to trust people with everything and love unabashedly. Thank you for being my older sister. Thank you for being the biggest part of my life. Thank you for being you. I love you.


  1. one of the many reasons that make me so proud of you!!! xxoo-mom

  2. This made me cry.. In every area you really are fabulous.

  3. ahhhhhh that made me teary eyed! I LOVE YOU ALLL SOOO MUCH!

  4. kristen this is beautiful. erin sounds like a true gem. the love you have for her is expressed so beautifully in this letter.

    i grew up as an only child and always wondered what it would have been like having a brother or sister. i wish i could have had a relationship like's truly inspirational on so many different levels. i hope my children are fortunate enough to share a bond a special relationship with their siblings like you do with yours.

    i'm happy you referred back to this post...this is amazing.



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