my paradise.

May 22, 2010

Day 4: Write about what you imagine paradise to look like. 

Have you ever been to Lake Tahoe in the summer? Well, if you you haven't, I highly suggest it as a place to add to your destinations wish list.

To me, paradise would be located in Lake Tahoe, on the south shore, soaking up the sun, while looking at the snow-kissed mountains. Paradise would be overflowing. Overflowing with my family and friends, overflowing with sunshine, outside barbecues, cocktails, great music blasting on the beach, lots of laughing, sports on the beach, water sports in the ice cold lake and everyone just being together. It would be overflowing. It would bring people from all over back together. It would join old roommates, loved ones, friends from the past, friends from junior high, high school and college. It would bring family from all over to one place.

There would be a lot of picture taking and playlist making. Of course be great food would be a must, fish from the Chart House, lots of calamari from The Beacon, and of course Rum Runners galore. Jet-skiing, para-sailing and boating would be a daily activity followed by sand volleyball on the beach, while the guys smoke cigars on the deck.

One thing that completes summers in Lake Tahoe are the books we read. Every summer seems to have a new theme, Harry Potter, Twilight, Chelsea Handler, whatever we chose adds another theme to our summer get-a-away. The one thing about 'paradise' that I like to focus on isn't the activities (though they're great) but it's the people. It's everyone being in one place and enjoying each others company. The cool thing about paradise is that it happens every summer, and I can't wait for this year, it's going to be one for the record books.

The fab five. 
A day on the boat. 
Inter-tube madness. 

Parasailing with Lauren.
Jet Skiing with Coti.
My paradise. 

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