Today was a great day.

May 11, 2010

Today was a great day. Today was a day of acceptance. That word is such a strange word to me, it’s such a strange feeling. That word changes peoples lives - it’s a weird thing because it causes people to go crazy. It caused me to go crazy for the last 4 months.  Even if I didn’t acknowledge that - acceptance is what I was looking for, deep down it’s what I was persistently seeking and needing.

Today I was accepted to my first law school. Today I was told that I was good enough. Today God showed me a minuscule part of His humongous plan for my life. Today I did it, I proved to everyone who didn’t believe in me wrong, and at the same time I celebrated with those who cheered me on. I did it. It was a very emotional day for me.

For the last 4 months I’ve been, maybe a little grumpy, a little moody, some may say irritable. But for the last four months, if I may excuse myself I’ve been waiting to be good enough, to be acceptable. When that big envelope arrived in the mail today,  I can’t even explain the feelings I had running through my veins. All I wanted to do was shout to the world that I did it. I instantly ran inside to tell my mom and dad and my fingers couldn’t text fast enough to tell my friends and family. I wanted to tell the world. I didn’t realize that I took a deep breath until I talked to Callie, she reminded me how smart I was, and how proud she was. She told me she believed I would do it all along, and that she was proud and it wasn’t until then that I broke down. I realized what those around me were saying. People are proud of me. What a feeling, what a great feeling. I am something to be proud of.

Today I was reminded that God knows what is going to happen. He is in ultimate control and worrying my life away is going to do nothing besides make me crazy. God allows good things to happen to those who wait, and to those who believe. It’s hard giving all that to Him, but at the same time, it’s the most peaceful feeling I’ve ever felt. So while, at this moment, I can’t exactly put into words what I’m feeling, I know that I’m happy and I’m proud.

Today goes back to all my blogs about doubt and haters and my own discontentment. Today makes the past year of uncertainty worth it. Today makes me realize that I am cut out for this and that as long as I hold on tight, this thing called life is going to be an amazing journey. Today I’m praising my God for His faithfulness, and I’m thanking my ‘cheerleaders’ for believing in me and being proud. I did it everyone, I was accepted.

Today was a great day.  

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