Perfect Imperfections.

November 7, 2010

Perfect Imperfections. The more I grow up, learn new things, meet new people, have new relationships, and learn more about myself, the more I realize how honest this statement truly is. Perfect Imperfections. I wish I could say I read this on some really great memo about accepting yourself, but I actually read it on the inside of a pair of jeans, but regardless of where I found it, it got me thinking about people.

Last night I was watching my TIVO'd Ellen episode of the one where she interviews Portia Di Rossi. Here sits the most beautiful model I've ever seen, discussing how she used to count calories to the point of weighing a mere 86 pounds. She discusses the need to be perfect in a world where nothing is perfect. I sat that, obviously re-thinking that last slice of pizza when I realized that, those imperfect moments, or imperfect parts to someone are what make everything perfect in the whole. A crooked smile, maybe a little too tall or a little too short, it's all part of the whole person that makes those little imperfections, truly perfect.

I've been learning about other people recently. How they think, how they handle situations, how other people hurt. Needless to say I've grown up where the people around me are very similar to myself and my background. Even in California, I didn't venture too far out of 'me.' So, I've been learning about other peoples lives and the things that make them who they are. Sometimes it's irritating and frustrating, trying to figure out why some people do certain things are act a certain way, but all it takes is one conversation. A simple conversation, from the heart of a friend, to really learn about that person. It takes having someone care enough to make the effort and ask. It's about learning what they consider their own imperfections which in turn make me realize my own. [I'm too sensible when it comes to relationships. I have a hard time saying no. I feel obligated to please everyone else before considering my own happiness. I don't understand how to be vulnerable.]  Maybe when I can figure them out, I'll learn how to turn those imperfections that I consider a negative aspect of myself, into the perfect imperfections someone else loves.

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