We're adjusting.

November 13, 2010

Omaha never ceases to amaze me. I experienced my first snow last night. And, when I say snow, I mean snow, not just those pretty little flurries that sparkle in the street lights, but full snow, I'm talking at least 3-4 inches. Most people probably don't think that's a lot, but I sure did. It all started driving to Kristin's birthday dinner, (Shout out- Happy Birthday Kris!) and it was raining pretty hard. All of a sudden, Kristin says, "Oh my, Kristen, it's starting to flurry," I didn't believe it for one second, but sure enough, I couldn't deny the SNOW that was building up on the side of my windshield. With tears in my eyes, I continued to drive cautiously with my 3 girlfriends guiding me along the entire way, "break slow," "turn slow," "don't speed." They were my guiding (back-seat driving) angels. Once I parked, the snow was in full force. We ran, slid and hobbled our way to the restaurant through the slush. Picture this: 4 girls, 4 pairs of high heels and a lot of snow. It was a comedy show to say the least. We finally made it across the street to Pitch, this warm, amazing, cozy little pizza joint, and from there the night began. We cheer-sed, sipped wine, ate cake and laughed together as the snow fell outside. I felt as if I were in a movie. It was a magical night.
The Birthday Girl. 
Making her wish. 
My first snow. 
Dancing in the snow. 
Three of a kind. 

Today, I introduced Henry to the snow, and surprisingly he kind of liked it. Granted, he hated the sweater he was forced to wear, and didn't exactly enjoy having wet paws, but I still couldn't pull him away from the snow. We're adjusting. 

Henry and his first experience with snow. 
My first Omaha snowball. 
It's cool, my dog's a model. 

So, I made it through my first snow everyone. I threw a snowball, I danced in the snow with my girlfriends and I complained about being cold. I loved the snow in parts and I hated it in others. Regardless, it's going to be a long couple months, but it's going to one where I learn, grow and hopefully have great stories, great pictures and even better memories. Welcome to winter ladies and gentlemen, I hope you brought your cashmere gloves, because it could get chilly. 

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  1. So adorable!! I loved seeing little Henry prancing in the snow :)
    You look gorgeous as always & I'm glad you're enjoying Omaha. We miss you darling


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