It's going to be worth it.

December 12, 2010

I was reading some blogs this evening on my study break and sometimes it's as if complete strangers know exactly what to say at the right now. One of my new favorite blogs, Scenic Glory, just posted this the other day....
1.  a. The act or process of motivating.
    b. The state of being motivated.
2. Something that motivates; an inducement or incentive.
It's the night before week two of finals. Everyone is gearing up for the harder of the two weeks, the 5-hour energy shots are being pounded, copious amounts of diet coke and starbucks lattes are being consumed and people are gearing up for what could be a pretty rough week. But this weekend was a good one. It snowed on Saturday and as everyone here knows, I just love it. All the midwest natives keep telling me I'm crazy, they tell me I'll be 'taking back those words' come February.... But, I'm not sure if that's true. Sure, its freeeeezzing cold, its scary to drive in and it makes getting back and forth from West Omaha to downtown kind of dicey, but there's something about that snow that is so refreshing. It's clean, and its white and when it's coming down, it is so beautiful. And before it gets driven on and becomes slushy, the whole town is this perfect blanket of white, pure snow. It's a fresh start. It puts me right in the christmas mood and it's a little beauty in the midst of the chaos of finals. So, yes it's irritating and messy, but  I'm pretty sure its God's way of giving us all a fresh start, prepping us for tomorrow. So, enjoy it, throw a snowball, and pretty soon we'll all be making snowmen and snow-angels. Good luck to everyone who's currently taking finals or is about to start... we're almost there, and I promise, it's going to be worth it.

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  1. hello kristen! first just let me say how flattered i am to be referenced on your lovely is such a huge compliment ♥

    i'm always happy when people can relate to the things that i talk really makes everything worth it ya know? i hope your finals went well and i'm sure you're looking forward to a nice relaxing holiday!!

    i love your christmas card picture as're absolutely beautiful!! and how cool that you're in omaha...i'm in lincoln...small world. i'm not sure i have come across any other blogger friends in our area :)

    thank you again so much for the blog love...i really appreciate it! hope you had a lovely weekend.



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